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Newfoundland and Labrador invests in livestock infrastructure projects, including manure

September 26, 2023  by  Bree Rody

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador will invest nearly $757,000 in agriculture infrastructure projects for dairy and livestock producers through the 2023-24 Provincial Agrifoods Assistance Program.

Budget 2023 approved $2.25 million for the Provincial Agrifoods Assistance Program to support current farmers and new entrants to the province’s agriculture and agrifoods sectors. The program has two streams, focusing on agriculture infrastructure and land development.

Some of the infrastructure development investments include manure technology. This includes:

  • New World Dairy in St. David’s: $75,000 for a manure alley scraper to enhance manure handling efficiency and environmental sustainability;
  • Larch Grove Farm in Cormack: $75,000 for a manure pit to increase waste management capacity and enhance environmental stability;
  • Gail Hansford in Goulds: $10,500 for a manure spreader to support environmental stewardship [and] increase forage production in the livestock-sheep sector;
  • Big Falls Agriculture in Cormack: $50,000 for a robotic manure scraper to adopt green technology and improve cow environment and animal health;
  • HRT Beef Farm in Robinsons; $20,000 for a manure spreader and feed mixer to reduce synthetic fertilizer use.

For more information on Budget 2023 agriculture commitments, click here.



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