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Manure start-up modernizes manure at Forbes Under 30 Summit

November 19, 2019  by Manure Manager

Livestock Water Recycling (LWR), a manure start-up, joined this year’s presenters at the 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit, MI. This summit convenes 10,000 of the world’s brightest young leaders in business, entertainment, and sports.

Karen Schuett, cofounder and CEO of LWR discussed how businesses and AgTech investment are making an impact on the ag industry.

“Farm productivity has never been more important, and we have proven that sound environmental practices don’t have to come at the expense of profit,” Schuett said.

A “circular economy” – where resources enjoy multiple life cycles – is established when the LWR is added to a farm. THe LWR system concentrates manure into two dry solid fertilizers, phosphorus and nitrogen, and recycles clean reusable water.

“Renewable energy is at the core of sustainable economic growth, precision agriculture improves productivity, sustainability, and profitability, and data analytics feeds production. Maximizing the value of manure within the circular economy is where we are having a tremendous impact on how our food is produced.”

In October, LWR took home the $250,000 USD prize for their technology in the early-stage category of the Nutrien-Radicle Challenge held in Saskatoon, SK.


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