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Innovations: Skidsteers and Loaders

October 17, 2008  by Innovations

Skidsteers and Loaders


Bobcat Company
Bobcat recently introduced the S70, the smallest model in the company’s line of skid-steer loaders. It replaces the model 463.

The S70 is 71.4 inches high, 35.4 inches wide and 75.5 inches long without an attachment, making it useful for work in tight jobsites. The S70 can fit in many areas where other equipment cannot, such as the confined space of barns.

The S70 has a rated operating capacity of 700 pounds and is powered by a 23.5-horsepower diesel engine that powers a fully hydrostatic, four-wheel drive system with a travel speed of 6.1 miles per hour and an operating weight of 2,845 pounds.


The S70 incorporates new features, including an updated engine mount, hydrostatic pump centering and belt drive system. The new engine mount reduces vibration in the machine for greater operator comfort. The new hydrostatic pump centering is based on a similar setup in Bobcat mini track loaders and uses a tension spring instead of a torsion spring.

The new belt tensioner features a simpler design that uses technology from larger Bobcat loaders. A micro, serpentine-style V belt is used in the new belt tensioner system.

The S70 has a transversely mounted engine and a tip-up cab for easier access when the machine needs to be serviced. The center-mounted, maintenance-free chaincase allows the S70 to travel through deep mud and other areas more easily because of its keel-shaped belly pan. The axle housings are fixed and welded to the chaincase, eliminating maintenance related to tightening bolts or other chain adjustments.

The S70 includes the Bob-Tach™ attachment system and a 14-pin attachment control kit. Bobcat provides 35 attachments that can be used on the S70. These attachments assist customers in a number of markets, from buildings and grounds to construction and landscaping, in performing a variety of labor-saving tasks.


Tier III certified engine power is now available on the Case 410, 420, 430, 435, 440, 445, 450 and 465 skids steers, meaning increased in horsepower across the board. The net
horsepower for the line now ranges from 57 to 83 (42 to 62 kW).

The 410 Series 3 is powered by an ISM 2.2-liter turbocharged engine. The 420, 430, 435 and 445 Series 3 machines boast Case 3.2-liter turbocharged engines. And the 440, 450, and 465 Series 3 skid steer loaders are powered by a 4.5-liter turbocharged Case engine. In addition to Tier III certification, these new engines provide improved torque.

On the interior, a suspension seat comes standard, while a new cushioned lap bar with armrest and new ergonomically designed control handles provides more comfort and
space when operating the machines. The parking brake has been relocated to the handle and the foot throttle is now standard on all models, allowing operators to easily control RPMs.

On the exterior, industry-exclusive side lighting provides full visibility to the sides during nighttime operation. A standard overhead window with more punch-outs than previous models provides outstanding visibility to the loader arms when the bucket is in the raised position. The loader tower profile has also been redesigned to provide better visibility while operating.

The new Case 400 Series 3 skid steers feature improved oil and fuel filter access, a wide-fin side-by-side radiator and oil cooler, a no-maintenance fan belt (420, 430, 435 and 445 Series 3 models) and an automatic belt tensioner (440, 450 and 465 Series 3). Battery-disconnect and remote-jumpstart terminals are standard on all models, with the exception of the 410 and 420.

All Case 400 Series 3 skid steer models are built to start in colder temperatures. A larger, 1125 CCA battery (32 percent more powerful than previous models) and glow plugs on the 410, or a grid heater on all other models, are standard. The massive, heavy-duty radiator and air cooler are sized for high-flow auxiliary hydraulics as well as operation in extreme temperatures with 10 fins per inch, four rows deep.


Caterpillar introduces the completely redesigned 906H and 908H compact wheel loaders.

A key feature of the new machines is a universal coupler that accommodates most Cat® skid steer and multi terrain loader work tools. The coupler extends the versatility of the compact loaders and makes it easy to integrate them into a fleet of Cat machines.

A Cat C3.4 engine with ACERT® technology powers both wheel loaders. The engine in the 906H is rated at 70 net horsepower (52 kW), while the 908H version delivers 80 net horsepower (59 kW). The C3.4 meets EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations.

Other features include an oscillating chassis, standard differential locks in both axles, Z-bar linkage, and an enhanced hydraulic system. This increases the 906H’s lift capacity (with forks) by 15 percent over the model it replaces. The rated operating load for the bucket on the 906H has been increased by seven percent.

Both models can be equipped with a variety of options, including high-speed (increases top travel speed to 22 mph), a ride control system, and a 33-gpm, high-flow hydraulics system.

Operators can work comfortably and productively in the 906H and 908H whether the machine is equipped with a canopy or cab. A 906H with cab is 8 feet, 1 inch (2465 mm) tall, so the machine can work in more areas, including tight spaces and indoor environments. Both models offer spacious operator stations, excellent visibility, and low-effort, intuitive joystick controls to reduce fatigue. An easy-to-read digital display cluster keeps the operator informed about system conditions.

Maintenance points are grouped together and accessible from the ground. These include a swing-out hydraulic oil cooler, vertical spin-off fluid filters, S.O.S valves and pressure taps, and an Electronic Technician port.


JCB recently reworked its Series II skid steers and track loaders, which feature better operator comfort, performance and controllability. The new and improved Series II also includes an all-new 1800-pound class skid steer loader, the 180. Other models include the JCB 160, JCB 170, JCB 180T, JCB 190, JCB 190T, JCB1110 and the JCB 1110T.

The Series II features:
•    50, 60, 84.5 and 92.5hp gross engine power models
•    A low-slung loader arm
•    An endurance-tested steel structure
•    An industry standard quickhitch
•    A single chain case for easy maintenance (JCB 160, 170 and 180)
•    Hydrostatic transmission
•    Creep speed option
•    Two speed models (JCB 190, 1110)
•    ROPS and FOPS certified cab
•    Easy access to all components
•    Excellent all-round visibility
•    Grouped filters and services
•    A lifetime warranty
A wide range of tire options is available for the Series II, including standard pneumatic and extra-high flotation tires for low ground bearing pressure.


John Deere
John Deere recently introduced two new additions to the company’s skid steer family – the  313  and  315. Both feature the same design as the rest of the line and continue the 300 Series commitment to stability, visibility and serviceability.

A key feature of the 313 and 315 is the radial lift boom, a design that is preferred by customers who work in enclosed areas for super compactness. The bucket rests close to the machine when in the down position and swings forward for great reach in the four to five-foot range. Cushioned bucket and lift cylinders provide smooth deceleration at the end of the boom lower position, also cushioning the bucket when curling and dumping a load. This feature provides less noise and reduced material spillage in any operation.

A 60:40 weight distribution provides a balance of power and maneuverability, while the 360-degree visibility offers uninterrupted views to the sides, both above and below the lift arms, so the operator can see the tires and ground around the machine with the boom in the rest position. The low-sloped rear hood provides good rear visibility, even on a radial lift-style machine.

The operator station is designed for optimum comfort, visibility and functionality. A wide opening makes it easy to enter and exit. Standard features include a high-back ergonomic and adjustable seat with armrests. The standard monitor includes an anti-theft system and backlit gauges, switches and LED warning lights. Also included are a digital hour meter, glove-friendly rocker switches and a large LCD panel for easy viewing.

Several design features keep costs low by ensuring fast and easy machine service. The oil cooler swings out with the hinged rear door for full, easy inspection or cleaning. Engine oil changes are simplified with extended, 500-hour oil change intervals. Both models are equipped with visual hydraulic fluid level checks, resulting in fast, easy and no-mess daily checks.


Kanga Loaders
Kanga Loaders’ Series 2 loader – known as the Kanga Kid – has an overall track width of 32.3 inches, height of 47.6 inches and an overall length – including a four-in-one bucket – of 84.5 inches. This design allows access to animal pens for very quick cleaning.

The “Kid” is powered by a 16 hp (11.5kW) Honda V twin. Attachments such as the four-in-one bucket, manure bucket, mulch bucket, grapple bucket, trencher, and auger power head are simple and quick to install in just a few seconds. Many other attachments are available.

A self-leveling system maintains the attachment angle in all lift positions. Additionally, the bucket rollback keeps a full bucket from heavy spillage during transportation. Self-leveling helps maintain the exceptional balance of all Kanga units.

All “Kids” have a back brace system for greater operator safety.  The non-slip perforated platform, safety release hydraulic valve, rupture-proof fuel tank, isolation from the hot engine, and soft touch controls make all Kanga equipment operator-friendly and safe.

“From the world’s smallest, to the most powerful, Kanga Power ain’t no toy!”


Manitou’s MLT series of multi-purpose telehandlers is specially designed to meet the requirements of agriculture. The broadest and most versatile range for agriculture, the MLT telescopic trucks will handle 5,000 to 8,000 pound loads at heights from 16’ 2” to 29’ 5”. With a wide range of machines in the market, Manitou offers day-to-day productivity and comfort for all kinds of agricultural handling work.
The MLT series includes the MLT 523, MLT 735 and MLT 940.

MLT 523
•    Lift capacity of 5,000 lb.
•    Lift height of 16 ft. 2 in.
•    Maximum forward reach of 9 ft. 7 in.
•    Engine is a 75 HP Perkins 1103-C33 turbo
•    Hydrostatic transmission
•    Mono-ultra joystick
•    Four-wheel drive

MLT 735
•    Lift capacity of 7,500 lb.
•    Lift height of 22 ft. 6 in.
•    Maximum forward reach of 12 ft. 9 in.
•    Engine is a 123 HP Perkins 1104D-44 turbo
•    Torque convertor transmission
•    JSM joystick
•    Four-wheel drive

MLT 940
•    Lift capacity of 8,000 lb.
•    Lift height of 29 ft. 5 in.
•    Maximum forward reach of 17 ft. 5 in.
•    Engine is a 123 HP Perkins 1104C-44TA turbo intercooled diesel
•    Torque convertor transmission
•    Load sensing hydraulics
•    Four wheel drive


New Holland
New Holland’s Super Boom skid steer loaders feature the vertical lift Super Boom design, which provides more forward reach than radial lift designs. There are several models of the skid steer loader available to choose from, including the L150, L160, L170, L175, L180, L185 and L190. They all feature:
•    the patented, vertical-lift Super Boom design that places the load between the tires for increased stability,
•    maximum hinge pin clearance for more forward reach,
•    fast cycle times,
•    a steep dump angle to allow the bucket to dump completely,
•    a Super Boom cab with comfortable controls, comfortable operator environment, and excellent all around visibility for operator productivity and safety,
•    a long wheelbase and low center of gravity for optimum stability,
•    pilot controls to improve productivity and comfort,
•    easy access serviceability and attachment changes.

The L150 through L175 come with an ISM engine while the L180, L185 and L190 models are equipped with a FPT, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine. All engines are Tier III certified and come with cold weather starting aids. The L180, L185 and L190 also come with a side-by-side oil cooler and radiator.

More than 40 different attachments are available for use with the New Holland Super Boom skid steer loader.

Ramrod Equipment
Ramrod has released the new WB1500 TX Compact Utility Loader for 2008. Some of the features available on the new compact utility loader include:
•    Self-Leveling Loader Arms – Increase productivity and improve safety by preventing the loss of load during transport, even when handling loose or sensitive materials.
•    Narrow, Compact Width – Easily travels through gateways, fence posts, corrals, walkways and other narrow spaces, allowing you to access tight work areas with ease. These units also feature a zero radius turning capability for unmatched maneuverability.
•    Quick-Attach Accessory Bracket – With the simple Quick Attach brackets, attachments can be mounted and dismounted in mere seconds.
•    Smooth Yet Responsive Hydraulic Controls – Hydraulics are feathered to a point where the unit operates smoothly and effortlessly. Auxiliary option easily activates third function attachments such as trenchers, augers, and tillers.
•    Full Accessibility and Serviceability – An easy-to-access top panel provides complete accessibility to all your Ramrod components. Change oil and hydraulic levels, replace filters, etc. in minutes.
•    Low Center of Gravity – Unit is impossible to tip or rollover, enabling you to safely work on slopes, hills and uneven terrain.
•    Simple Joystick Controls – The joystick loader controls allow you to dump or curl the bucket while simultaneously raising or lowering the loader arms – all with one hand! With your other hand, you can operate your tracks in order to access job sites from any angle. The auxiliary joystick control powers the attachments instantly.
•    Optional Ride On Platform


Thomas Equipment
Thomas Skid Steer Loaders range from the Thomas 85 and Thomas 105 models that can turn in a barn stall or move easily with a heavy load through an average doorway, to the muscular 153 and bigger 175 and 250 models.

The 85 is built for when the workspace is tight, but the jobs are big. It features a slim 36-inch (914 mm) footprint and 19.8hp Kubota diesel, allowing it to zip through narrow work areas. A full 850 lb. (386 kg) lifting capacity combines with two-bucket cylinders for maximum front end strength and a breakout force of more than 2200 lbs. (998 kg).

The 105 from Thomas Equipment has a width of 54 inches (1372mm) and a 30.2hp (22.5kW) Kubota diesel engine. A full 1000-lb. (454kg) lifting capacity combines with the two-bucket cylinders for a maximum front-end strength and a breakout force of 1,750 lbs. (794kg).

The 175 begins with a turbo charged Kubota diesel rated at 59.5 hp (44.4 kW). Power is transferred from the engine to the loader’s hydrostatic pumps through a universal joint. A heavy-duty, 100-chain drive provides traction and pushing power to the wheels. A full 1,750 lb. (794 kg) lifting capacity combines with more than 4,250 lbs. (1928 kg) of breakout force plus a more than 11 ft. (3385 mm) hinge pin height.


Volvo believes people get a lot more work done when they’re in a machine that is comfortable. That’s why the company makes a line of skid steer loaders that are not only durable and versatile but also full of comfort features. The Volvo MC-series includes the MC60B, MC70B, MC80B, MC90B and MC110B. Each comes standard with a Volvo brand, four-cylinder, liquid cooled, direct-injection diesel engine that meets Tier II standards. Other standard equipment includes:
•    A remote-mount fuel filter, water separator and electric fuel pump,
•    Quick cycle engine preheat,
•    A 12-volt, heavy-duty starter,
•    A separate, tilt-out hydraulic oil cooler,
•    A heavy-duty, maintenance-free battery,
•    A Quick-Attach mounting frame,
•    Lift-arm mounted auxiliary hydraulics with standard flat face couplers,
•    An automatic parking brake,
•    Emergency exit rear window,
•    A deluxe, high-back, super-comfort seat with fore-aft adjustment and seatback angle adjustment,
•    Dual adjustable-angle foot pedals.
•    Options include:
•    Pilot-operated joystick controls,
•    High flow hydraulics,
•    Cab enclosure with heat and air conditioning,
•    A wide selection of tire choice options.


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