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March 14, 2008  by Innovations

Sioux Center, Iowa based, Sioux
Automation Center recently unveiled the Sioux Automation Liquid Manure
Trailer Injector featuring staggered sweeps on a twin beam toolbar.


Sioux Automation Center
Sioux Center, Iowa based, Sioux Automation Center recently unveiled the Sioux Automation Liquid Manure Trailer Injector featuring staggered sweeps on a twin beam toolbar. The staggered sweeps allow residue to flow more smoothly with less plugging compared to systems using sweeps on a single beam toolbar. The trailer design of the injector puts less stress on the liquid manure tank’s frame. The trailer injector provides for more consistent sweep penetration into the soil, resulting in a more even application of product.

A unique feature of these trailer injectors is the SAC True Flow Manifold. The manifold features a slide plate that keeps the unit pressurized for a more even flow of product. The manifolds are all stainless steel and feature a 6.0in
clean out and quick release hose couplers on 3.0in hoses. The SAC True Flow Manifold is available in manual, electric or flow controlled models.


Hydro Engineering
The Draghose Injection Toolbar from Hydro Engineering Incorporated comes in widths of 16ft, 20ft, 23ft, 27ft and 30ft three-point hitch models and a 33ft to 46ft pull type unit. The standard injector has 12in replaceable sweeps set at 18in to 24in spacings. This injector is used for tilled cropland. The Hydro Engineering toolbar can also come with minimum till injectors, like the Dietrich 60 Series Shank, Quality Plus Hydraulic Shank or the Bourgault Coulter Injector. The wider injectors will allow low application rates of consistent 2500gal/ac to 3000gal/ac. All Hydro toolbars can be equipped with a flow meter in the swing tube and a remote digital readout in the tractor cab so the operator can have instant readings of gallons per minute and total gallons pumped for accurate application rates.

Options for Hydro’s Toolbars include:
A hydraulic foam pig shooter located on the swing tube to help eliminate any dry material that comes down the hose when the system is first started up and for cleaning out the hose at the end of pumping.

A hydraulic fold-up swing tube used to help transport the toolbar from one site to another or for pulling other equipment behind the toolbar.

A hydraulic shut-off valve allowing the operator to terminate flow while raising the toolbar and turning at the end of the field, excess pressure is relieved automatically at the pump with the Engine Slow Down Package.
A JAG swivel that allows the drag hose to untwist without unhooking the hose from the swing tube.

A double swivel that allows you to turn around at the end of the field with ease. This helps pull-type injectors turn around without having to back up, taking the stress off the end of the hose.

An equalizer manifold, which can deliver from 200gpm to 2000gpm of manure equally to each injector, no matter the size. How it works is the manifold has a hydraulic rotating blade that goes by the injection ports, closing and opening
each port as it passes. The 3.0psi of pressure in the manifold creates a pulsating action, controlled from the tractor’s hydraulics, that is running the speed of the Equalizer motor. This also helps stop the plugging of the injection lines. Each manifold can handle 18, 2.0in outlets; 17, 2.5in outlets; or 12, 3.0in outlets. Two manifolds are used to cover all the outlets on the wider toolbars.


Veenhuis Machines BV
Veenhuis Machines BV, established in Raalte, Netherlands, specializes in manure application and has more than 20 years experience in slurry injection. The company is considered a market leader in manure application techniques in the Netherlands. As more stringent slurry application rules are put in place around the world, Veenhuis Machines continues to advance its application systems.

The company’s grassland Euroject injectors are taking a prominent place in the Veenhuis product range and the European injector market. The three part, self-sharpening coulter discs are fitted with a dual bearing and a solid seal. The hydraulically oscillating elements suit any surface and are track-following, mounted to the frame to prevent damage to the soil structure.
The Veenhuis Ecoject shallow injector is a professional slurry injector for modern dairy farming. The independently moving elements (two discs per element) are mounted to the frame using leaf springs.

The Veenhuis Farmject trailing shoe injector is based on the same principle, but with two hardened coulters per element instead of discs.

All slurry injectors are fitted with an hydraulically-driven macerator. There are high quality knives mounted and specially shaped holes in the cutting plate. The slurry is cut and the robust macerator ensures the slurry is evenly spread and provides optimal cutting operation.

For arable land, Veenhuis has developed two types of slurry injectors: the VMA and the robust Terraject. Both are equipped with durable spring tines and the same robust macerator as the grassland injectors.

Both the grassland and arable land injectors can also be used on Veenhuis’ self-carrying tank, developed to meet demand in the export markets.


Bazooka Farmstar
Farmstar’s Low Rate, No-Till Direct Injection Bar is designed to help farmers and custom applicators apply low rates while keeping field speeds down.
Features include heavy construction, Dietrich Shanks and the New Low Mount Manifold. Options include pig/slug discharge under the bar, double pivot with telescoping stops and hose swivel. The Raven monitoring system and GPS mapping for tracking application rates and values are also available.

With the 12 shank, 30ft low mount bar, farmers report minimal soil disturbance, allowing one field pass prior to planting. Some swine producers have also reported achieving the low rate of 2500gal/ac with finishing manure.

Bazooka Farmstar will also have the New 35ft Dietrich No-Till Bar on display at the 2007 World Pork Expo being held June 7 to 9, 2007, in Des Moines, Iowa.


Ag-Chem Equipment
Ag-Chem Equipment Company recently released a new version of the TerraGator 6203. The re-design features a new Cat engine rated at 311hp (337 teak) and increased torque, aimed at increasing performance and productivity. With this more powerful engine, fueled by an increased capacity fuel tank and cooled with an expanded radiator, the 6203 is balanced to produce more engine power and convert it into usable torque on the ground.

The TerraShift transmission is designed to complement the new engine package, allowing the operator to find the best balance between engine efficiency and ground speed. With the SelectShift Auto Mode, operators can shift between manual and automatic to best match field and load conditions.

In other areas of the 6203, Ag-Chem stayed with what works, maintaining the TerraGator’s operator station with the industry leading Sears semi-active seat and 360 degree visibility. According to Ag-Chem Equipment, the new 6203 is a tribute to the legacy of TerraGator.


Husky Farm Equipment
The rear-mounted injector from Husky Farm Equipment features four teeth with spring assemblies and optional teeth up to seven. The teeth are clamped on with a U-bolt assembly for ease of sliding and adjustment.

Features of the injection system include: a 10ft toolbar on smaller spreaders with 21.5L x 16.1 tires, a 12ft toolbar on spreaders with 28L x 26 tires, standard 12in sweeps with 2.0in chisels optional, a parallel link bar lift assembly with hardened wear bushings at all wear joints and phasing cylinders for an even lift, a four to seven hole canister with outlets on one level, a 6.0in line into the canister with an optional 8.0in inlet, 3.0in hose lines to the injector teeth, top spread of liquid with a few moments changeover with no wrenches required, large gauge wheels are mounted on tubing bolted to the main toolbar by U-bolts, 2000lb gross weight for the rear injector four-tooth.

Options include: disc covers to put manure on the ground and cover the soil over them, disc covers for the side of the rear injector to cover in the soil, Aerways to pull or mount behind spreader in no-till situations, drop spouts for placing manure between corn rows, a boom for spreading manure up to 18in above the ground, a Bourgault or Yetter injector mounted on a Husky toolbar, Konskilde teeth mounted on Husky toolbar; a three-point hitch to accommodate any
Husky Spreader.


Balzer Incorporated
Balzer offers injectors of all sizes and models of Balzer Vacuum and Top-Fill tanks in two to six knife configurations with a choice of rigid, spring, chisel and sweep mounts.

Features include:
Three inch reinforced plastic hose that carries manure from the manifold to the sweeps, chisel points or discs. Coulters are an option for conditions where sod needs to be cut before injector knife.

Heavy-duty 1.24in x 2.0in spring steel shanks are standard equipment. Sweeps are optional. Spring-loaded trips for shanks are optional and useful in rocky soil.
Rugged 6.0in x 6.0in toolbar will accommodate from two to six shanks on No-Till, Magnum and Double Disk, 4.0in x 4.0in on standard injectors.

Two hydraulic cylinders lift and lower injectors. The adjustable cylinder clevis allows you to adjust toolbar and shank angle for easy pulling.

The stainless steel Balzer vacuum unit manifold features a drain plug for cold weather or when hauling is complete, a clean out trap that allows access to the manifold and rear valve and a quick coupler hook-up.

Orifice reducers are available to reduce standard 3.0in orifice to 2.5in, 2.0in or 1.5in. These reducers provide one more method to accurately apply the appropriate gallons per acre in addition to ground speed and tank pressure adjustments. Bolt on nipples for injector hoses provide easy access in the event of plugging.

Parallel linkage design allows injector to float behind tank regardless of terrain. Hydraulic down pressure system is available for hard soil conditions. Folding injectors are optional for all Balzer injectors and help to provide a wider application path. All Balzer injectors are covered by the Balzer full two year warranty.


Unverferth Manufacturing
Unverferth produces an injection system that can easily count behind the company’s Better-Bilt slurry or vacuum tank that can directly inject liquid manure into the ground for optimum nutrient placement and odor control.

The company can manufacture a variety of configurations, depending on the farmer’s tillage practice and residue management requirements.

Depth is accurately controlled with hydraulic cylinders and gauge wheels. The injector system is available with three, four, five or six-row systems.

Applicators can mount the optional fluted coulters ahead of the injectors for more consistent and uniform knife penetration. The spring-loaded shanks can also be outfitted with 10in to 24in sweeps or 2.0in chisel points. Optional spike-toothed trench closers follow the injector knives to seal the furrow and minimize odor.


Joskin’s Solodisc injector is designed to spread slurry precisely on meadows. This injector is fitted with modular discs and spreading width ranges from 10ft to 22ft, according to the chosen model.

Slurry is injected into the ground at depths ranging from 0.5in to 2.5in, according to the chosen settings. If the injector is more than 10ft wide, it is fitted with a hydraulic folding system.

The Solodisc injector also features easily interchangeable discs, making the machine very easy to adapt to your own needs. The Solodisc comes standard with:

Two galvanized, long-life self-sharpening discs plus an injection cone with two positions; mechanical cross-compensation up to 8.0in; galvanized free steering elements; constant pressure on the ground, pre-determined by the user; Scalper macerator and a manual flow adjusting valve; mechanical closing pincers with rounded jaws and pincing stop to limit the wear to the injection cone; galvanized injection outlets with flexible rubber cone; recessed lighting; hydraulic folding with automatic locking; supporting tubing of the folding parts with hydraulic lock.

Options include: automatic reverse for the macerator (with sequential block), umbilical system, macerator fed through a 6.0in rubber pipe and a 6.0in regulating valve instead of 5.0in transparent PVC pipe, electronic flow meter with electronic DPA system on vacuum tanker, hydraulic pincers, hydraulic cross-compensation with hydraulic pincers.


Nuhn’s S-Tine Injector is best used for blending manure evenly into the soil but without danger of manure reaching the field tile.

The system features: staggered front coulters, making the injector easier to pull for the tractor; staggered Vibra Shank injector teeth to ensure efficient blending and distribution of the manure in the soil; a rubber boot that distributes the
manure evenly in the ground; leveling harrows to ensure ridges are leveled and cover any manure left on top of the ground; an easy system for switching from a manifold to spreader plate and vice versa; adjustable down pressure to follow the contours of the soil.

Nuhn’s Blanket Injector comes in a nine or 11 tooth model. The S-Tine Injector system is not recommended for no-till situations.

The company also manufactures and markets Taper Disc Injector, Row Crop Injector, Spring Loaded Injector, No Till Injectors and Spike Injector systems.


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