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Feedlogic launches BarnSense Monitoring System

June 6, 2013  by Press release

June 6, 2013, Willmar, MN — Feedlogic Corporation, a supplier of solutions for livestock production, has introduced the BarnSense wireless sensor platform for remote monitoring and reporting from livestock production facilities.

The BarnSense platform gives barn owners and managers a system to monitor one or more sensors and systems at a facility, including temperature, humidity, water usage, propane or natural gas usage, manure levels, and gas levels (CO/CO2, methane, H2S, etc).

Key features of the BarnSense sensor platform include:

  • Can connect to digital, analog, or pulse type sensors.
  • Sensor reading frequency and reporting can be customized to each site.
  • Operates on a wireless mesh network, allowing multiple sensor platforms in multiple buildings connect back to one communication hub.
  • All sensor data is stored in an online database, allowing quick access to history for diagnostics or data analytics.
  • Intelligent alerting system allows multiple users to receive notifications tailored to individual sites.

 The BarnSense platform comes standard with an interface to Feedlogic’s MyFarm web service. Its open database architecture also makes it possible to integrate with third-party software or hardware, allowing an individual barn owner or an integrator with multiple sites the ability to consume the data in the format that works best for them.




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