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Puck launches updated brand

December 17, 2018  by Manure Manager magazine

Puck Enterprises has announced an updated brand that is focused on the company’s longevity, performance and their commitment to customers.

As the company enters its 40-year anniversary the updated brand gives Puck a fresh look while connecting to its rural Iowa roots.

Crafted around the new corporate positioning “Built to Lead,” Puck is focusing on its strong company history of innovation and pushing liquid delivery technology forward. Increased promotion of Puck’s versatility and growing presence in other industries, such as oil and gas, min-ing and municipalities, is also a central point of the rebranding initiative.

There are many new visual changes to the Puck brand which include a new logo, revamped company colors and a re-designed website, among other changes, but the core values, performance and dedication of the company still stay the same.

Puck’s new identity, featuring a shield and custom type, is designed to maintain the integrity of Puck’s dependable, Midwestern worth ethic while highlighting the company’s continued innovation and the time-tested performance of its equipment.


Puck’s leaders emphasize that the “Built to Lead” statement applies not just to the company’s products, but its employees and day-to-day culture. The company’s manufacturing workers and Manning, Iowa campus are central pieces of the initial brand launch campaign, which showcases the hard work and expertise that has allowed Puck to continue growing and advancing technology for four decades.

To coincide with the introduction of its updated brand, Puck is launching a new responsive, mobile-friendly site. The new website,, features a stronger focus on customer service, an easy-to-use navigation system, and showcases the full range of Puck equipment and technology available in a variety of industries.

“We are excited to continue to move forward and the new look will only enhance all the great opportunities going on,” said Jeremy Puck. “We are still the same company with the same values, so this modernized brand will only help us represent the traits of innovation, leadership and proven products that make us who we are.”

Puck went on to say, “We hope this will help tell that story of a very proactive growing business and how important it is to us to have our connection to our customers, our employees, and our community. In the last 10 years, “we” (customers, employees and vendors), have been able to take an ag industry to efficiencies that many of us thought to be unachievable a few years ago. Now the challenge will be to continue to develop the best methods and tools to service our industries. That’s what “Built to Lead” means to us.”


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