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Check it out: Updated Iowa Phosphorus Index calculator available

January 23, 2024  by Kapil Arora | Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

A newer version of Iowa Phosphorus Index (P-Index) calculator is now available for use by interested stakeholders. The P-Index calculator tool has been developed to assess the potential for phosphorus moving from individual fields based on selected soil and field characteristics and management practices. The tool is available online at no cost.

“The P-Index is much more comprehensive than relying solely on soil test phosphorus (STP) because it integrates many soil and field characteristics that influence potential phosphorus movement to surface waters,” explained Kapil Arora, field agriculture engineer with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

The updated version of Iowa Phosphorus Index Calculator incorporates the newer soils and their related characteristics. These updates have already been incorporated into the Soil Survey Geographic Database (SSURGO) which is used in Revised Universal Soil Loss (RUSLE2) calculations. Conservation planners, landowners/land users, Technical Service Providers (TSPs), manure management plan writers and planners and others who evaluate the current risk from phosphorus reaching surface water from a specific site need to use the updated information for risk calculations. | READ MORE



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