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Biogas giant Gasum embarks on ambitious feedstock plan

December 14, 2020  by  Bree Rody

Finnish meat manufacturer HKScan has partnered with Nordic energy giant Gasum to assist on an ambitious plan: converting Gasum’s existing biogas plant in Huittinen, Finland to an industrial-scale manure plant.

The plant, which processes sewage sludge from surrounding municipalities and towns, would pivot to use mainly local pig and cattle manure to produce biogas. The proposed plant would be Finland’s first industrial scale biogas plant using manure as its main feedstock. It would utilize 60,000 tonnes of different feedstock, of which 50,000 tonnes would consist of various manures and agricultural side streams.

Gasum will be responsible for the investment in and operation of the Huittinen biogas plant, for which HKScan will provide manure-based feedstocks. Emomylly Oy, a pig meat producer and contract partner of HKScan, will also assist with the project. The project is expected to be ready to receive manure-based feedstocks in fall 2021. | READ MORE



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