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Test your soil – by soiling your undies

July 13, 2021  by  Bree Rody

It’s no surprise to any expert that manure management is a key component of soil health. But how do you know healthy soil just by looking at it?

The team at Maplevue Farms, host farm of the 2021 North American Manure Expo, has a unique way of testing its soil biology – by soiling its undies. In keeping current, the team opted for a playful take on one of the longest and most bitter hockey rivalries: the Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Montreal Canadiens.

(Editor’s note: the segment was filmed prior to the Stanley Cup final round, hence the relative optimism in the video).


By burying washed cotton underwear flat (elastics up toward the surface), if your soil is healthy, the undies should be eaten by the earth after two months, with only the elastic band remaining.

Not a fan of the Leafs or Habs? You can try the challenge with any team you like, but just make sure if you use a pair of Tampa Bay Lightning underwear, you pay $18 million too much for it.


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