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North American Manure Expo returns virtually for 2021

June 1, 2021  by  Bree Rody

Photo credit: © zorgens / Adobe Stock. Photo credit: © zorgens / Adobe Stock.

June 1, 2021 – After a year of significant change and uncertainty, we are thrilled to announce that the 2021 North American Manure Expo (NAME) will return this summer for an exclusively online event on August 25-26, 2021. Our goal is to unite livestock producers, custom applicators and equipment and technology providers in a safe and controlled environment.

While we had hoped for a return to in-person events by the summer, our decision to move the event online means more opportunities for participants from all parts of the continent to connect.

Annex Business Media has worked tirelessly to provide a seamless visitor experience through the Pheedloop virtual platform. Attendees will be able to access live and on-demand education sessions and tours, visit trade show vendors, network virtually with others and view in-field demonstrations from the comfort of their homes.

On top of two days of live, scheduled programming and networking time, 2021 NAME attendees will have full access to the virtual trade show floor for Aug. 23-24. Our setup makes it easy for participants to familiarize themselves with the platform and get the most out of their 2021 NAME experience.


“NAME keeps manure management moving forward by introducing and sharing new innovations and technology while networking with the people that use it. Although we were looking forward to hosting Manure Expo visitors in-person to experience Ontario hospitality, we hope that you will join us and the Johnston family of Maplevue Farms as we host and tour some of the newest innovations virtually,” says Christine Brown, OMAFRA.

“I have no doubt that the camaraderie we’ve built at in-person events will be maintained,” said Mary Keena, President, North American Manure Expo board. “This online platform gives you the opportunity to chat during live sessions, stop in to say hi to your vendor pals and meet some new folks, too. We really do think this is the best alternative to an in-person event.”

“Taking NAME virtual for 2021 not only allows for a smooth and safe experience, but also gives us an opportunity to connect with delegates from many different provinces, states and time zones,” says Bree Rody, Editor for Manure Manager. “We can offer the same diverse array of programming attendees have come to expect, allowing them to engage with exhibitors in new ways.”

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