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July 11, 2008  by On TRACK

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Ag-Chem realigns sales and service network
AGCO Corporation’s application equipment division is completely realigning its sales and service network for the Ag-Chem brand. These changes mean large commercial producers who own and operate Ag-Chem application equipment can turn to their local Caterpillar dealer as the one source for their application equipment sales and service needs.

Across the country, 22 dealers, many of whom hold AGCO’s Challenger contract, have assumed responsibility for new machinery sales of Ag-Chem’s RoGator high clearance sprayers and TerraGator flotation applicators. In addition, these dealers will continue to provide mobile maintenance and repair service for existing Ag-Chem equipment. When completed – about the end of September 2008 – the new sales and service network will include 38 dealers with a total of 323 locations.

Built as a new approach to business, this network combines experience in service to large commercial operators and retailers with an approach to service developed through working with leading commercial construction operations.

Sonim Tech introduces ‘indestructible’ mobile phone

Sonim Technologies, a U.S. based mobile telecom company, recently launched the new Sonim XP1, billing it as the toughest phone in the world. Engineered to meet the needs of people who work outside the office, the Sonim XP1 works perfectly in harsh environments. Certified to withstand shock, water, wind, dust, dirt and extreme temperatures, the Sonim XP1 is the only certified phone designed specifically for the lives of people who work and play in demanding conditions.


“If you’re standing on a construction site with a welding tool in your hand, or sitting in a catamaran with a hard wind in your face, you really don’t need a fashion accessory nor a multimedia monster,” says Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim. “You need a dependable working tool like the new XP1, built for extreme conditions. The Sonim XP1 doesn’t die when exposed to the elements, can be dropped, kicked, tossed into a toolbox or backpack, seen and heard in bright/dark and noisy conditions, and provides reliable voice, push-to-talk and data services.”

As well as being very shock and water resistant, the Sonim XP1 is backed by an unconditional three year warranty, and a lifetime warranty for the phone housing with immediate in-store replacement if needed. “Research commissioned by us indicated that 70 percent of outdoor workers refrain from using their phones in the workplace because the phone might break, and 40 percent have broken their mobile phone in the last year,” says Joakim Wiklund, co-founder of Sonim Technologies. “Common reasons are damage from humidity, dropping and crushing the phone. We are aiming to provide a solution to this problem.”

New manure management system launched by TyraTech

TyraTech launched its new WasteSolver automated manure management system in mid February during the 2008 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. This automated system involves a two-stage process:

Stage one uses hydro-cyclone separation technology to separate the liquids and salts from the solids. The nutrient-rich liquid is returned to the lagoon while the solids are used for compost. Stage two uses in-vessel composting technology to create a clean, composted bedding that is odor free, dry and with reduced pathogens, weed seeds and insects.

Additional benefits include:

• Continuous availability of clean bedding,
• additional income from the sale of excess bedding,
• reduction of odor and pollution concerns,
• better community relations through less odor and improved manure management.

TyraTech is marketing the system through a unique partnership program being introduced in the Midwest first, followed by southern and western states and then nationally. When a dairy producer purchases a WasteSolver system from TyraTech, they will also contract with the company to sell back two-thirds of the compost they produce, keeping the remaining one-third for their own use. TyraTech will routinely pick up the compost for use in horticultural products.

Steve Conkling, general manager of TyraTech’s sustainable solutions business unit, says the system should pay for itself within 24 months, depending on local variables.

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