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On track: July-August 2011

July 26, 2011  by On TRACK

ChemiGreen Inc. recently announced that Newalta will be distributing and
using ChemiGreen’s spill containment systems in Canada and the U.S.
ChemiGreen announces agreement with Newalta


ChemiGreen Inc. recently announced that Newalta will be distributing and using ChemiGreen’s spill containment systems in Canada and the U.S.

ChemiGreen Inc. has developed a patented, wireless-activated inflatable plug system. The system’s seal drains and outfalls within seconds of activation, preventing irreversible damage to the environment. ChemiGreen’s systems turn an emergency into a routine safe cleanup.

Operating a North America-wide 24/7 emergency and urgent response network, Newalta saw an opportunity to adopt ChemiGreen’s solutions for use with its clients.


“Our partnership with Newalta will let ChemiGreen focus on its strengths – the development and production of chemical spill containment solutions – while Newalta will focus on marketing, installation and maintenance of the systems,” says Shachar “Shak” Parran, CEO of ChemiGreen. “We strongly believe that with Newalta we will be able to increase the exposure of our systems in North America, which will become the standard of the environmental protection industry.”

Alliance FarmPRO R1W radials
Alliance Tire Americas is introducing its new Alliance FarmPRO R1W radial tractor tire line in more than a dozen popular sizes to offer North American farmers a new choice – a deep-tread radial that combines performance and value for utility tractors.

Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W Tractor tires feature a stubble-resistant compound and an average tread depth 20 percent deeper than standard R1 tractor tires.  In addition to improved traction, the Alliance FarmPRO radials deliver significantly better fuel economy than standard bias-ply R1s.

The Alliance FarmPRO line is priced lower than the company’s Alliance Agri-Traction brand R1W radials, which remain a popular choice for high load/high speed applications.

“The Alliance FarmPRO line delivers the performance of R1W radial tires at a competitive price,” says James Tuschner, director of marketing for Alliance Tire Americas in Brentwood, Tenn. “It’s the perfect choice for utility tractors that can reap the benefits of radial technology.”

The Alliance FarmPRO line is currently available in the following sizes: 280/85R24, 340/85R24, 380/85R24, 320/85R28, 340/85R28, 380/85R28, 420/85R28, 420/85R30, 460/85R30, 420/85R34, 460/85R34, 420/85R38, 460/85R38 and 520/85R38. Additional sizes, including tires for 42- and 46-inch rims, will be released soon, says Tuschner. The Alliance FarmPRO line will be available throughout the U.S. and Canada through Alliance Tire dealers and distributors.

Nijhuis Water, Thecogas Biogastechniek joins forces
The recent merger of Nijhuis Water with Thecogas Biogastechniek has expanded the services of the Netherlands-based water specialist company, adding conversion of manure and organic waste streams into biogas and energy to a range of purifying and recycling services for treating industrial wastewater.

As of May 1, Thecogas Biogastechniek became a separate division of Nijhuis Water Technology, with the Thecogas team based in the Netherlands.

“Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Thecogas Biogastechniek, we can now provide an even more complete service, with the accent very much on sustainability,” said Frank Tillman, director of Nijhuis Water Technology. “This is because it is no longer necessary to discharge untreated or treated flows of waste solids or wastewater. There are all kinds of ways of purifying water and of extracting valuable components that can then be recycled, such as ingredients for animal fodder, fuel and fertilizers.

“We are now in a position to build biogas installations, providing smart customized solutions for both the agricultural and industrial sectors. We believe that with our experience of the industry, we can extract valuable substances from manure, such as nitrogen and phosphate, which are highly suitable for recycling.”

Following the merger, every new biogas project involving Thecogas Biogastechniek will be launched and implemented under the Nijhuis Water Technology name.

Mustang RT Series Track Loaders


Mustang, a manufacturer of compact equipment for agriculture and construction markets, has released two new models, the 1750RT and 2100RT, of the new RT Series Track Loaders.

The Mustang RT Series Track Loaders feature HydraTrac™ Automatic Track Tensioning System, which eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation. This saves valuable time on the jobsite and increases the life of the tracks and bearings by ensuring the proper tension immediately upon machine startup, maintaining tension during use, and then releasing tension when the machine is shut down.

Other key features of the new loaders include:

  • Yanmar Tier III naturally aspirated (1750RT) and turbocharged (2100RT) diesel engine with 179 ft. lbs. (242.3 Nm) and 206 ft. lbs. (279.3 Nm) torque, respectively, and AntiStall technology, provides the power to handle the largest jobs with ease.
  • Optimized radial lift boom offers customers strength and forward reach at trailer loading and dumping heights. It can lift over 127.5 in. (3,239 mm) high.
  • Operator’s cab features comfort and visibility. Adjustable seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls move with the operator, enhancing precise controllability and reducing operator fatigue.
  • The standard “5×5” Drive Control System offers five settings that change five parameters to suit operator preference and application requirements.
  • Welded, dedicated track system enhances grading and tractive effort, and provides a smoother ride.
  • Tilt-out foot pod allows for best-in-class foot well cleanout and offers perfect access to the fuel tank and other components under the cab.

Toyota launches swine manure compost deodorizer
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has developed a deodorizer specifically for use in composting swine manure.

Toyota Roof Garden Co., Ltd., a TMC subsidiary, is manufacturing and distributing the product for its resQ45 series of manure composting systems.

In the development process, TMC collected compost samples from around Japan and carefully selected microbes with the strongest deodorizing effects, thereby creating a deodorizer with microbes that effectively break down malodorous components such as ammonia as well as butyric acid, propionic acid and other short-chain fatty acids – the sources of the offensive odor unique to swine manure – reducing them by up to 90 percent. The deodorizer can also break down organic materials such as plant fibers that are slow to degrade, thus hastening the composting process.

In Japan, livestock generates about 90 million tons of manure annually, of which about 20 million tons is swine manure. Composting swine manure creates odors that can have a negative impact on residential areas, thus making the reduction of such odors unique to swine manure an important task.

In 2006, TMC and Menicon Co., Ltd. jointly developed and launched resQ45, which reduces the composting period from 90 days or more to about 45 days and reduces environmental impact.

The newly developed deodorizer will be sold in 9.5-kilogram bags.


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