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On track: March/April 2010

April 23, 2010  by On TRACK

DariTech, Inc. of Lynden, Washington recently introduced its new Sand
Recovery System (SRSystem), including the Sand Cannon and One-Shot sand
DariTech Sand Recovery System


DariTech, Inc. of Lynden, Washington recently introduced its new Sand Recovery System (SRSystem), including the Sand Cannon and One-Shot sand separators. The SRSystem is based on the company’s sand separators and offers a split dewatering flight, sand scoop and fixed flight augers.

With sand bedded dairies everywhere looking for affordable methods of reusing their bedding, the lower initial costs and horsepower demand of the SRSystem can help keep capital and operating budgets under control. With the ability to separate fine sand, dairies will be able to bed their cows on any sand they choose. The high level of filtration during the manure solids separation step will help keep lagoons cleaner and easier to manage.

Sand laden manure is either scraped or flushed out of the barns. In the case of scrape manure, it is lifted into the base of the Sand Cannon. A special hybrid DT-360 recycles dilution water for the sand laden manure, at the same time stacking sand-free solids for removal. The sand is washed as it’s carried to the end of the flighted drum, to be stacked and ready for re-use.


In flush or flume operations, sand is directed to the entry of the One-Shot, which lifts, washes and stacks the sand all in one step.

Leon QV400 Dozer Blade


New for 2010, Leon’s Mfg. Company is now offering the Leon QV400 quick on and quick off four-wheel drive dozer blade series. The blade will fit Versatile four-wheel drive tractor models 305, 340, 375, and 400.

Complete QV400 dozer blade packages include:

  • high lift 45-inch lift height capability
  • quick on and quick off push assembly
  • 27 degree left and right hydraulic angle positioning to avoid contact with working terrain
  • ripple formed blades for clean roll off and roll break
  • high tractor under-frame clearance
  • replaceable heat treated cutting edges
  • blade widths ranging from 12 to 20 feet with side extensions available
  • mounting kit
  • chromium carbide skid shoes

McLanahan Corporation designs new website
McLanahan Corporation officially launched its redesigned website in January 2010. McLanahan Corporation is celebrating its 175th Year Anniversary and the design of a new website is just one of the many ways this family-owned business has decided to commemorate this special occasion. Showcasing all six divisions, the new site was designed to offer customers information regarding equipment and services; more detailed pictures; videos of field footage; and updated news and events on related industries as well as trade shows and expos. McLanahan is a unique corporation due to its diversified lines of equipment and different industries that they are able to service. This is why the site has a distinct new look so customers are able to view the wealth of information available, but are still able to navigate through the site very easily.

McLanahan has also designed new brochures for several pieces of equipment & services. These brochures are all attached to the website where customers can get the most up to date information regarding products and view pictures of our most recent jobs. Videos of our new Plate & Frame Filter Press, DDC Sizers, Separators™, and many more pieces of equipment are available to view of the new site. Each division provides a list of contact names, numbers, and emails so customers always have quick and easy access to our qualified staff.

New Digi-Star nutrient tracking system


Digi-Star LLC has introduced Nutrient Tracker™, a new application management and documentation system for manure or fertilizer spreading operations.

It is the first to be specifically developed as an interface with manure spreaders, offering significant benefits for recordkeeping and documentation in the field, along with report generation and management features in the office.

Manufacturers of spreaders today are now offering the option of adding scales and indicators. Now with Digi-Star’s new Nutrient Tracker system, operators can see the application rate while spreading and automatically collect the information on time, date, field names, and amount applied with GPS verification data. The Nutrient Tracker proprietary PC software combines the data with downloaded satellite images of your fields to show exactly where, when and how much of the nutrients were applied.

The NT460 uniquely designed indicator can be cab-mounted, and allow the operator to record data regarding farm and field name, load numbers, load weights, application rates and accumulated totals. Keys with symbols facilitate entering or modifying field data.

The system is user-friendly and provides easy training for operators. Its unique START•STOP feature (patent pending) records application amounts, time, date, field names, and GPS coordinate data for each load. The operator simply pushes START when he begins to unload, and STOP when completed. The system does the rest.

Actual field information is easily transferred to a portable USB flash drive from the full-featured NT460 indicator to the PC. The included Nutrient Tracker software helps to capture the information and generate reports in PDF or Excel formats. GPS field data of application rates is overlaid on satellite images of the producer’s fields to provide a visual document of where material was applied.

 Strong interest for the Nutrient Tracker has been demonstrated during our testing period last fall as customers see the benefit of the “live” application rate information to ensure consistent field coverage. There is no more guessing on how much is being applied or if you are going too fast or too slow – the scale gives the operator the feedback he has been looking for. There is also an audible and visual alarm that can be set to remind the operator that he is outside of the tolerance set for a target application rate.

Customers have also enjoyed having report documentation from the Nutrient Tracker software to support and document their Nutrient Management Plan. For today’s progressive managers it is important to provide evidence to the USDA-NRCS’s Animal Waste Management regulations and comply with EPA and DNR

CAFO recommendations for application restrictions. Today’s fertilizer costs also give more value to the nutrients spread and the need to know how much was applied to a field and exactly where it went.

The Nutrient Tracker system is marketed through progressive manure handling equipment manufacturers and their dealers.

McLanahan Corporation unveils new sand pump


McLanahan Corporation has developed the 44 Super Magnum Sand Pump engineered and built specifically to meet the pumping needs of sand bedded dairies. It is a vertical shaft, centrifugal pump designed to withstand the rigorous demands of pumping sand and manure with minimal wear on the wet end components. The pump received a 2010 AE50 award for agricultural engineering innovations and was chosen as one of the Top 10 New Products at the 2010 World Ag Expo.

The 44 Super Magnum Sand Pump utilizes replaceable, rubber linings to protect the split casings and a rubber lined impeller to dramatically extend wear life in abrasive environments as compared to conventional manure pumps of steel construction. The shafts and bearings operate in an oil bath and are separated from the sand and manure by a heavy-duty mechanical seal.

The pump uses technology that has been proven in the mining and wastewater industries and has been adapted to fit the needs of the dairy and agriculture markets. Each pump is sized according to the application’s needs and conditions.

Kenworth T440 model makes public debut
Kenworth is now accepting orders for its new Kenworth T440 model with production scheduled to begin during the second quarter.

The T440 has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) ranging from a heavy Class 7 vehicle at 33,000 lbs. up to a light Class 8 truck at 68,000 lbs. The 2010 PACCAR PX-8 engine, rated to 350 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque, is standard equipment. The optional 9-liter, 2010 Cummins ISL engine is rated to 380 hp and 1,300 lb-ft of torque. Emergency fire truck ratings are available on both engines. The T440 offers 6-, 9-, 10-, 11-, and 13-speed manual and 5- and 6-speed automatic transmissions; and 12,000 to 22,000 lb. rated front axles, 21,000 to 30,000 lb. rated single rear axles, and 40,000 to 46,000 lb. rated tandem rear axles.

“(The) Kenworth T440 is available in tractor and truck configurations for numerous vocational, regional haul, pickup and delivery, and municipal applications,” said Jason Skoog, Kenworth director of marketing planning and research. “The T440 provides a quality product for vocational and municipal customers who require a heavy front axle for dump, mixers and fire trucks.”

The T440’s styling features an aerodynamic sloped hood, which gives the driver enhanced forward visibility. A tapered channel bumper, Kenworth signature grille, and forward lighting with Halogen projector headlamps are standard equipment. An aluminum or three-piece aerodynamic bumper and high intensity discharge (HID) lighting are available as options.

The Kenworth T440 offers the same multiplexed dash installed in Kenworth’s Class 8 product line with a large panel for convenient installation of body controls and gauges. The Kenworth Driver Information Center is standard in the T440. Also available are factory installation of a power take-off (PTO) and one lift axle.


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