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Fliegl adds solid manure spreader to line-up

November 6, 2020  by Manure Manager

Fliegl Agrartechnik, a German agricultural machinery manufacturer, has added a chain manure spreader to their line-up. The Fliegl KDS 270 Muck Control is a universal spreader with a scraper floor and a horizontal two-disc spreader. The KDS 270 has a load space capacity of more than 226 square feet (21 square meters).

The feeding technology is a scraper floor consisting of two chains with 140 chain links each. The chains connect 41 continuously closed scraper floor strips, which are driven hydraulically via a side gear with adjustable speed.

The loading area is separated from the spreading unit by a hydraulic feed control valve. The opening position can be adjusted on the control terminal. Right after the feed control gate are two 30-inch (770-millimeter) horizontal spreader rollers, which ensure mixing, loosening and dosing of the spreading material. The fill level indicator on the front wall of the spreader provides the driver with information about the opening width of the gate valve.



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