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New Continuous Manure Applicator series from Cadman Power Equipment

July 23, 2020  by Manure Manager

Cadman Power Equipment is excited to announce their Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA) Silver Series. The CMA is designed and engineered to inject manure into a growing crop.

The CMA Silver Series provides a way to inject manure when it is needed most. Additionally, farmers and custom pumpers can avoid fines and issues with respect to runoff and other regulatory concerns.

The CMA Silver was designed as a simplified complement to the CMA Platinum, a self-propelled, highly automated applicator sold in both the United States and Europe. The CMA Silver consists of a four-wheeled hose reel, loaded with polyethylene hard hose up to 2,800-feet long, pulled along the headland of a field with a tractor, while a second tractor applies manure using a toolbar connected to the end of the hard hose.

The proprietary system uses a swing arm, which leaves the hose in a single row while it continuously feeds the toolbar with manure as the tractor turns and makes its way back to the reel. Recent design improvements on controls and hydraulics are included on all production models as standard equipment.


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