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Announcing the 2021 North American Manure Expo rejected slogans

August 17, 2021  by  Bree Rody

They’re here: the top three rejected slogans for the 2021 North American Manure Expo!

On behalf of Manure Manager, the North American Manure Expo and OMAFRA, we want to thank everyone who pumped out their ideas. We had some very solid submissions, although some were the pits. After we pored over the spread, we picked the top 10 and you voted on the ones that passed the smell test.

In no particular order, our 2021 North American Manure Expo rejected slogans are:

Manure connoisseur – Becky Barlow, VA


For manure audiences only! – Rich Lee, WI

Manure Expo 2021- It’s where the cool kids smell funny! – Richard “Stitch” Neilson, WI

Congratulations to Becky, Rich and Stitch – you will receive a special custom gift from the Expo soon!

Special shout-out also goes to the remaining top 10, in no particular order:

  • Don’t panic, it’s organic
  • Solid agenda with loose subject matter
  • The big sh*t show
  • Talkin’ dirty for 20 years – and counting
  • It’s a sh*tty job….but somebody has to do it
  • Affluence from Effluents
  • Butt mud to cow cud, the original crop circle

Register for the Expo for free here.


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