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April 29, 2008  by Innovations

The Hagedorn Company was
established in 1928 by Norman Hagedorn and has been dedicated
exclusively to serving the farm community.



    The Hagedorn Company was established in 1928 by Norman Hagedorn and has been dedicated exclusively to serving the farm community.

    The company has accumulated vast experience in service to many areas of agriculture, including more than 60 years manufacturing farm equipment.


    In 1988, the company set out to build the best manure spreader available. By 1990, they were marketing their first machines to farmers in Ontario, New York and Pennsylvania. By 1992, the Hydra-Spread manure spreader business had become so successful that it dropped all other business activities to concentrate efforts on their manure spreaders.

    Hagedorn's Series II brings improvements to their proven, popular manure spreader models and introduces some new faces. The company has beefed up key areas like end gate mounting, cylinder towers and main frames. The rugged drive train gets a boost with a new ComerT gearbox. New end gates (standard on all models) feature higher lift, a streamlined design for easier cleaning and a new shape that nests closer to the beaters for more capacity. Stepped beater models feature a new push-gate design that is stronger than ever, and easier to clean and service.

    Axle designs feature new materials and new construction techniques. All models come equipped with a quickattach beater system.



    For custom operators and large farmers, the ability to hold maximum capacity and minimize the amount of time spent in travel to load or unload a commodity box is very important. Another factor to take into consideration is that tractors are getting faster, and with a load of silage or manure the safety of the operator and those around equipment is a high priority. Artex Fabricators continues to raise the bar, not only on the size and quality of equipment, but also to meet the needs of the farmer for a safe operating machine.

    The newest member to the Artex combination box family comes in 26 and 30-foot lengths with a triple axle steering undercarriage. It is assisted with air brakes, which enable quick stops to allow for safer working operations for the driver and in any area with traffic. In terms of quick response steering and the ability to turn tight corners, the steering axle will get operators in and out of those tight spots without field damage.

    These combination wagons are constructed to accept Artex standard manure spreader attachments—Cyclone, Twin Beater Cyclone and Twin Beaters, as well as all Tailgates for a 7'6" wide box.

    These combination boxes have the same configuration as the company's truck-mounted boxes and smaller CB wagons designed to spread manure, and convert to a silage box.

    The company's website shows videos of these machines in action.

Harsh International


    The heavy-duty manure spreader from Harsh International features a wider, deeper body that yields more capacity per foot—about 30 cubic feet per foot of box length. A shorter body—15.5’, 17.5’ or 19.5’ in length—means a drastically improved turning radius, the company says. Ten gauge sides and a 3/16” bottom offer increased life and durability, while a freeze-resistant PVC lined floor gives less friction and better clean-out. Hydraulic drive means easily controlled floor chain speed. The triple beater system and reversible AR cutter blades give a finer, more evenly spread product with better break-up. The triple floor chain offers fast, even unloading.

Frontier Equipment


    Frontier Equipment has an extensiveline of manure spreaders with 15 models available. Spreader boxes are constructed of corrosionresistant galvanized steel to ensure long life and are designed with a bonded poly floor that reduces main apron drag and enhances movement of the load. For trouble-free mobility, spreaders are equipped with deep-lug tires for positive ground drive and traction.

    Three of the models, the 25-bu MS 1102G, the 50-bu MS 1105G and the 80-bu MS 1108G, are ground driven manure spreaders, designed for smaller scale farms, horse or organic farming operations. For an even spread of material, they have a paddle-beater assembly. The 12 PTO-driven spreaders in the MS series offer a load-carrying capacity ranging from 80 to 660 bushels. Frontier Equipment products are sold exclusively by John Deere dealers.

Mohrlang Manufacturing Inc


    Designed for ease of maintenance and year round use, the newest models of HDC (heavy-duty commercial) manure spreaders from Mohrlang Manufacturing offer deeper sides—now at 44 inches—and reinforced sidewalls for strength and durability.

    The floor has been replaced with 3/4“ plastic, which creates less friction when the high-speed double floor chains are in use. Modified chain tighteners offer easier access. The heavy-duty triple beaters drive consists of four-inch, schedule 80 beater pipe, 18 replaceable 1/2 abrasive resistant beater teeth and a 120-hp beater drive gearbox.

    The units are available in 18’, 20’ and 22’ lengths as truck or trailer models. Other features include electronic controls in the cab, an outside mount slop gate and a newly designed tail pan.

    A quick-detach beater assembly makes it easy to operate the additional attachments that are offered, including a silage hardware kit, compost spreading attachment, grain gate attachment and side extensions.

Interstate Manufacturing Inc
    Interstate Manufacturing Inc (IMCOIdaho) has introduced model updates to its 20S102M truck mount and its 35S102M pull trailer for spreading manure and hauling feed products. The upgrades include improved hydraulic controls, power system enclosures, a heavy-duty idler adjuster and a new chopper/feeder cross-conveyor attachment.

    Hydraulics are cab-mounted electronic controls for floor speed, reversing, liquid gate, beater kick out and cross-conveyor activation. All enclosures are hingemounted for easy access, with locking performed via wing nut fasteners. Screens are included for easy debris clean-out.

    Chains are individually tensioned and the pushers have been upgraded to 3/4” hardened rod. Tensioning stroke is now a full six inches. New chopper features include sickle knife blades on two or three drum configurations chopping into a 36” side discharge conveyor. The unit is completely hydraulically operated and features IMCO’s easy-on/easy-off mounting method.

Kuhn Knight


    Kuhn Knight Inc has introduced a new line of hydraulic push manure spreaders, the 2000 Series ProPush box spreaders.

    The new spreaders offer ultimate simplicity for manure spreading and feature sturdy and reliable all-steel welded frame construction. There is less friction, and less power is required with the poly sides and floor on the spreaders. The equipment has a consistent spread pattern with rooster comb beaters, which are easily removable for stockpiling.

    The equipment's piggy-back hydraulic cylinders and heavy-duty push panel provide ultimate simplicity for manure hauling and spreading. The cylinder design also eliminates moving hydraulic hoses. The welded constructed cylinder design is cleaner, more compact and stronger than competitive designs, says the company.

    The all-steel welded frame construction is sturdy, reliable and specifically designed to handle the forces of the ProPush system. The frame also provides a solid framework and includes a reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the full-width axle. The low profile provides easy skid steer loading. The poly sides and floor generate less friction, reduce material build-up and require less power when unloading.

FSI Fabrication Inc


    The FSI EzSpred FP from FSI Fabrication features a unique hydraulic system: a dual hydraulic pump containing two separate pumps in a common case to control the floor and the beaters. Each system is independent of the other, although both systems use the same reservoir and full flow filter. It comes in two widths, 7’ and 7.5’, and two lengths of 20’ and 22’. High sides are optional.

    The 25-gpm floor motor is a lowspeed, high-torque motor, while the beater motor is a 35-gpm motor. No gearboxes are used.

    The variable speed floor control adjusts floor speed up to an unloading time of less than 90 seconds and is used to stop the floor. The PTO controller and the slurry gate and beater controls are also located in the cab control panel.

    FSI has also designed a Multi-Use unit that is 73” wide. Both the floor and the cross conveyor have separate hydraulic adjustments for speed. Combined with ground speed, the application rate can be tailored to exact requirements. The floor chains, gearbox and beater teeth are the same as those used on the larger models.



    The Roto-Spread spreaders from Roto-Mix are available as truck-mounted units for greater capabilities and traveling speeds between loads and locations. The triple stack, PTO-driven hydraulic pumps provide more than enough power to spread any type of product. The simple design of the cab-mounted control box allows precise application rates with the ability to make changes while spreading. Add the optional scale system and operators can accurately measure the amount of product they are applying.

    Roto-Mix now has two sizes of Roto-Spread spreaders. The original 532-16 trailer is now complemented by the new 362-12 trailer unit. This new unit has all of the features of the 532-16, but with a more compact design requiring less tractor horsepower. With a load capacity of up to 24,200 lbs (heaped load) of product, it is not small in its abilities.

    Roto-Spread spreaders are capable of spreading everything from semi-liquid, dry, and pen packed manure, to all types of compost products. By using polyethylene floor, sides, and back gate, the company has virtually eliminated the corrosion problems associated with typical spreaders.



    To allow for even spreading, the Hydra-Ram spreader from Pik-Rite has both a sliding floor and a moving front panel design, which sets it apart from other hydraulic spreaders.

    The sliding floor is pushed back first using a specially designed hydraulic cylinder. When fully extended, the front panel moves back to unload the box completely. The optional hydraulic endgate is operated by dual cylinders and opens high to allow for high load clearance. The high headboard on the moving panel and composite bumpers on the top rails are standard equipment. The Hydra-Ram spreader is built with corrosion-resistant high-strength steel throughout and composite floor and side panels.

    The Hydra-Ram 1190 Manure Spreader is built to haul, maul, shred and spread plenty of material in a single day. The 550 bushel 1190 spreader with dual hydraulic cylinder unloading is designed to make the most of every trip to the field. The inside width of the box is 71", and the depth of the box is 56.75". It has an overall length of from 24'8" to 24'11". Each beater has 16 paddles, with beater speed of 337 rpm. In case the operation does not need a big spreader, Pik-Rite has that covered off. Built with the same style found on the company's larger spreaders, the 490 is compact and agile and will fit right into smaller operations.

    This spreader is not to be confused with the light duty "garden variety" spreaders, says the company. The Hydra-Ram 490 is built for the same tough applications as its big brothers. The inside width of its box is 61.75", with a box depth of 28". It has an overall length of from 18'7" to 18'10". Each beater has 12 paddles and a beater speed of 394 rpm.

G Hansen Manufacturing


    The combination box from G Hansen Manufacturing comes with hydraulic or PTO drive, and a single- or double-beater manure spreader attachment with hydraulic slop gate.

    The box comes standard with stake pockets for wall extensions up to 9' total wall height for sawdust or 6' height for silage, and removable top hinge tailgates. The box can be converted from silage or shaving mode to spreading manure within an hour.

    Options include fully electronic hydraulic control, and a parallel/series motor shift control on dual drive boxes that give the operator a low-speed/high torque floor drive and a high-speed unload drive that enables fast unloading.

Whatcom Manufacturing


    Whatcom Manufacturing is located in Whatcom Country, Washington, where there are more than 200 dairy farms and 60,000 cows, and the largest concentration of raspberries and blueberries in North America. Whatcom Manufacturing produces a variety of products that meet the needs of both of these ag sectors.

    On the manure management side, the company provides slurry and Aerator injection equipment, and soft hose reels used for slurry injection.

    Whatcom Manufacturing has an extensive line-up of equipment to suit the ag industry's needs, both manufactured equipment and custom-built equipment.

    In the latter area, and with the logo of "Custom Built, Built to Last," the company custom builds manure vacuum tankers on to trucks for farm and other uses.

    Regardless of the application situation, Whatcom Manufacturing has the manufacturing expertise to deliver a product to suit a farm's particular needs.



    Manure spreaders from Hesston include the S90, S150, S180, S220, S260, S320, S390 and S431 models. With spread widths from nine feet to 10.5’ and six, eight or 10 beater paddles, the Hesston models have beater diameters of 24” and 26” on the two largest models. Tractor requirements range from 20 hp to 120 hp, with PTO rpm of 540.

    The four largest models require a hydraulic flow of 10 gpm. No hydraulic remote valves are required on standard models. One double-acting remote valve each is required for the optional hydraulic endgate and the hydraulic gearcase shift. Features include a two-speed gearbox on all but the smallest model and a left-hand endgate standard on the two largest models.

    Among the optional features are upper beaters, hydraulic endgate, hydraulic gearcase shifter, hardened paddle tips, a slurry pan and a front box


Kirby Manufacturing Inc


    Kirby Manufacturing offers fieldproven, trouble-free spreaders engineered and designed for commercial use with six floor drag chains and a hydraulic drive beater system. The models are 18’, 20’ and 22’ long and 101” wide. Standard features include reversible hydraulic/planetary floor drive with a variable speed self-contained hydraulic system with filter, pump, valves, pressure relief and reservoir; detachable twin beater assembly; a reinforced floor with 3” cross members on 12” centers; dual axle fenders; independent floor chain adjustments and structural steel channel frame.

    Optional equipment includes a third beater, beater and cross-feed assembly, slop gate, side extensions, forage harvesting kit, mechanical drive system and a tilt-out beater system. A twin spinner system makes it capable of broadcasting other commodities.

AGCO Application Equipment Group


    AGCO Application Equipment Group offers the 3104 side discharge spreader and the 8104 and 8144 rear discharge spreaders. The 18’ long 3104 side discharge spreader offers heavy-duty construction, two 24” diameter augers durable enough to handle a wide variety of materials without damage to the flighting, 15 forged steel hammers and a dual hydraulic drive that allows the operator to individually control the speed of the expellers separately from the speed of the augers. Other features include a capacity of 16.1 cubic yards struck, 39” wide discharge gate adjustable from 0” to 18”, shear pin protection, hydraulically-operated gate height, fender deflector shields and box extensions that increase capacity.

    The 8104 and 8144 rear discharge spreaders have a body length of 15’ and a capacity of 10.3 cubic yards struck. The models feature 24” diameter twin discs with direct mount gear motors, 30” wide discharge gate with #4 belt over the pintle chain rated at 24,500 lbs with cross bars on 9” centers and 2.23 chain pitch.

West Point Design
    West Point Design Inc started up to serve the manure spreader market, and developed the company's Spread-All pulltype and truck-mounted spreaders.

    The mission of West Point Design Inc is to take existing technology and apply it in new ways. The company utilizes existing tractor components, truck components, plastic and tires, and remanufactures them into new design applications to further utilize the initial energy expended to make these components. West Point Design features the Spread-All heavy duty 16-, 20- or 22-ton capacity spreaders. The spreaders come with 6' by 20' or 7' by 20' box trailing units. The 20 or 22 ton truck mounted spreaders come with 7' by 20' or 7' by 22' boxes. The spreaders feature variable speed apron drive with heavy-duty double apron chain. They have tandem oscillating running gear and feature heavy-duty frames components.

    Tel: (402) 372-2408.


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