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GEA partners with N2 Applied for manure management solution

November 29, 2022  by Manure Manager

Processing solutions specialist GEA has signed a long-term, exclusive strategic partnership with Norway-based N2 Applied in order to manufacture and globally distribute its manure management solutions.

N2 creates liquid manure (slurry) processing units, which converts livestock manure into fertilizer using plasma technology, enriched with nitrogen from the atmosphere. Additives help to lower the pH balance, reducing ammonia and methane emissions. Those units will become available worldwide through GEA’s sales organization.

Carl Hansson, CEO of N2, said in a statement this partnership “puts our technology on a global stage and allows us to drive its adoption in the livestock industry much faster… at a time when agriculture is under pressure from environmental issues and the cost of chemical fertilizers has risen sharply while supply is tight, this partnership offers a clear and compelling path o safer and more sustainable food production.”

GEA recently exhibited at EuroTier 2022 in Hanover.



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