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Considerations for the use of manure irrigation practices

June 12, 2018  by Manure Manager magazine

Manure irrigation is the practice of applying livestock manure to fields using irrigation equipment.

In response to concerns about this practice, University of Wisconsin Extension convened a workgroup to examine the issues.

The workgroup, composed of scientists, public health specialists, state agency experts, farmers, conservationists and others, spent over two years gathering and reviewing scientific information on the practice and developing their report, which includes findings, responses and recommendations.

The workgroup assessed concerns associated with manure irrigation, including droplet drift, odor, water quality, air quality and airborne pathogens. They also explored potential benefits related to the timing of manure applications, road safety and reduced road damage, and other farm management and economic benefits.


Join the webinar on June 15 at 2:30 to learn more about their results and implications.

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