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Side-dressing emerged corn with liquid livestock manure

May 27, 2019  by Arnold G. Field Specialists Manure Nutrient Management Application Ohio State University Extension.

The application of livestock manure to farm fields has always been an expense for producers. On-farm research plots were assessed in Ohio following application of liquid swine and liquid dairy manure using drag hoses to provide side-dress nitrogen to emerged corn.

A six-inch diameter drag hose was used to side-dress corn with swine finishing manure at the V3 stage for four crop seasons. The manure was incorporated at a rate of 6,500 gallons per acre to replace purchased commercial side-dress nitrogen.

Plot yield results indicated liquid swine manure produced higher yields when compared to 28 percent urea ammonium nitrate fertilizer when applied at similar nitrogen levels and the cost savings on purchased fertilizer paid for the manure application cost.

The use of liquid manure to sidedress corn can provide a new window of time for manure application in Ohio and apply manure when the nutrients could be utilized by a growing crop.| For the full story, CLICK HERE.

This article was originally published on the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community.


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