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Research proposals wanted for rapid disposal of poultry carcasses

October 5, 2015  by US Poultry & Egg Association

October 5, 2015, Tucker, GA – The US Poultry board research initiative is requesting pre-proposals on the rapid disposal of poultry carcasses following depopulation.

Mass depopulation and disposal of large caged layer facilities present daunting challenges for both euthanasia and disposal. The recent avian influenza outbreak has shown that current disposal methods may be inadequate for rapid depopulation and disposal on large farms. Innovative methods are needed for rapid, safe disposal of the carcasses and manure. Opportunities may exist to improve currently used disposal methods.

The area of focus for the research will include the development of alternative methods or improvement of existing methods to rapidly, safely dispose of large numbers of layer carcasses and manure with an emphasis on validating that the disposal method inactivates the avian influenza virus and evaluating the potential of spread of the avian influenza virus during carcass and manure disposal process.

The deadline for pre-proposal submission is Nov. 6, 2015. For more information, go, and click on “Research” for complete instructions and deadlines.



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