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Ontario agriculture minister expresses “disappointment” with GHG emission reduction targets

July 25, 2022  by  Bree Rody

Lisa Thompson, Ontario’s minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs has issued a statement, expressing disappointment in the federal government’s approach to imposing fertilizer emission targets. Last week, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers met in Saskatoon with their federal counterpart, Marie-Claude Bibeau, for their annual meeting.

During that meeting, ministers discussed issues such as disease outbreak preparedness in relation to African Swine Fever Virus and the recent Avian Influenza outbreak and more. One of the most publicized topics was the federal government’s goal to reduce fertilizer emissions by 30 percent.

The statement issued by Thompson’s office stated that provinces were “disappointed by the lack of flexibility and consultation regarding the federal target.”

“As our farmers work to feed Canada and the world, we need to work with them and support their ongoing efforts to grow and produce the food we need. The federal government needs to be true partners, rather than simply imposing targets that make it harder,” said Thompson in a statement.


“Our farmers are dealing with significant and complex issues right now. I hope that the federal government will work with us and our farmers to support and recognize the great strides that they are making as responsible stewards.”


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