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On Track: November/December 2008

January 5, 2009  by On Track

On Track: November/December 2008

Willmar Wrangler 4550
p24_25_willmarwranThe Willmar Wrangler 4550 Loader is engineered to deliver the power, maneuverability and performance that operators demand, perfect for farmers who expect their tractor to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Four bucket capacities from 20 to 45 cubic feet let operators move all types of materials – up to 2,450 pounds – quickly and effectively.

The articulating loader features an 83 hp, 178 cu. in., Deutz diesel engine; single-speed, hydrostatic four-wheel drive; and joystick control for easy lift and tilt operation. In rough terrain, the 16 degree frame oscillation keeps all four wheels on the ground. The universal tool carrier accommodates most existing skid steer attachments from pallet forks and buckets to grapple forks and sweepers. Electronic shuttle-shift and precise foot pedal speed control mean the Wrangler loader will be a reliable, productive addition to any farming operation.


Manitou purchases Gehl

Manitou BF S.A., a manufacturer and distributor of material handling equipment based in France, recently announced the purchase of Wisconsin-based Gehl Company, a manufacturer of compact equipment for the agricultural and construction market.

The transaction, which went through in early September 2008, had a value of about $450 million.

It is expected the current management team at Gehl will be retained following the transaction.

“We  are pleased to announce the next step in the evolution of Gehl Company toward becoming a significant player in the global compact equipment marketplace,” said William Gehl, chairman and CEO of the company. “The combination of Gehl and Manitou offers a substantial value to our shareholders while affording our dealers and employees with future opportunities for continued success.”

Gehl was founded in 1859 and is headquartered in West Bend, Wis. It markets its products under the Gehl and Mustang brand names.

Keith Manufacturing’s M Series – Big things can come in small packages
p24_25_keithmfgWhen purchasing equipment, versatility and dependability usually top the list of necessary features. The newest M-Series drive, the KMD 175, brings Keith® Walking Floor® technology into smaller agricultural applications. Ideal for installation in manure spreaders, commodity trailers and feed wagons, the KMD 175 drive boosts the efficiency of agricultural equipment with its horizontal self-unloading system.

Designed for light-duty loads, such as compost, sod, mulch, seed, and other bulk products, the KMD-175 drive unit powers the Walking Floor® self-unloading system. Weighing in at 280 pounds, it is one of the lightest drive systems available in the moving floor industry.

 “In addition to the increased payload capacity, the drive is easier to install and service than comparable systems, and is appropriately sized for these applications,” said Scott Cloud, a sales representative with Keith Mfg.

Unlike dump trailers, which are limited by vertical height restrictions, a Walking Floor system can be used to unload material near or inside buildings, as well as in areas where trees and overhead power lines pose hazards.

A Walking Floor system is a horizontal unloader, eliminating the need for tipping or dumping. Aluminum slats run the length of the trailer or truck box floor. Actuated by a four-phase hydraulic drive, slats move in groups of three, then together. This sequence “walks” material out. Systems are bi-directional for both loading and unloading product.

Manure management made simple

p24_25_nooyan01Manure management doesn’t have to mean keeping up with the latest technology. It can be as simple as using gravity to separate solids from liquids.
Noonyen Manufacturing has developed a weep wall system, which consists of two basins separated by a drainage channel. At each side of the drainage channel are Tri-Bar galvanized steel panels. When manure is added to a basin, liquids drain through the Tri-Bar Weep Walls into the drainage channel, while retaining solids in the basin. Having two basins allow a filled basin to drain and dry while the other is being filled. The consistency of the solids is dry enough to allow removal with a skid steer or loader. The solids from the basin can then be recycled as bedding, soil amendments, or marketed for additional income.

Mechanical systems are major contributors to energy use on the farm. Weep Walls do not require additional energy, equipment or labor. Gravity does the work for you. In addition to start-up costs, most manure separation systems require maintenance, repair, and training for employees to operate the system. With a weep wall system, there are no mechanical parts to keep up.

Call 859-497-4429.

Leon Silver Spreader now has vertical beaters

p24_25_leonbeaterNew for 2008, the Leon Silver Spreader is now available with dual vertical beaters and Autogate.

The new vertical beaters are balanced and synchronized, delivering a fine, wide and consistent spread of more than 40 feet. They are constructed of long-lasting, wear resistant paddles that are replaceable. The beater drive mechanism features a top-mounted, heavy-duty gearbox, providing more under clearance and protection from foreign objects.

The spreader box is made from steel, uniframe construction, featuring a corrosion-proof, solid poly box and hydraulic push off technology.

The exclusive Autogate feature lifts the end gate of the spreader so the operator doesn’t have to. The spreader easily converts to a material trailer.
The new dual vertical beaters are available for models 425V, 575V, 655V, and 755V.

Firestone rebranding rubber liner, geomembrane products

Firestone Specialty Products Company is moving toward a global brand standard for all of its rubber liner and geomembrane products.

This standardization will include updates to the current product lines to better serve the distribution and retail channels. This transformation will result in two internationally recognized brands — PondGard for the decorative/residential sector and Firestone EPDM Geomembrane for the commercial/industrial sector.

“Currently, the same quality products we sell in the U.S. are sold under a different brand name in Europe and other parts of the world,” said Mark Munley, vice-president of sales and marketing for Firestone Specialty Products. “By eliminating brand confusion, we will maintain the highest level of consistency for our customers, the world over.”

As Firestone standardizes its global offering, it will maintain universally acceptable conformity standards, recognized for the applicable sector the product is used in. The company will also continue to adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines, providing customers with the most appealing, dependable and cost-effective product solutions.

These changes, as well as updates to the overall look of logos, brochures, advertising and website, will be seen in the coming months.


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