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Bion’s readily-available nitrogen fertilizer passes key hurdle

September 11, 2019  by Manure Manager

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced livestock waste treatment technology that recovers high-value co-products from the waste, received support for approving ammonium bicarbonate as a fertilizer.

The Terms and Definitions Committee of the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) recommended to officially approve ammonium bicarbonate at their next meeting in February 2020, as a listed fertilizer under their guidelines.

Bion’s 3G technology captures the volatile ammonia in the livestock waste stream and converts it into stable concentrated ammonium bicarbonate. It will contain 12 to 17 percent nitrogen in a crystalline form that is easily transported, water soluble and provides readily-available nitrogen. It will contain none of the other salt, iron and mineral constituents of the livestock waste stream, and will be in an industry-standard form that can be precision-applied to crops using existing equipment.

AAPFCO is an organization of fertilizer control officials from each state in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, that provide uniform standards for the fertilizer industry. All states, Canada and PR require fertilizers to (at least) meet AAPFCO standards.



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