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Weltec helps McCulla Transport produce biomethane

May 31, 2021  by  Bree Rody

An expansion by Weltec Biopower will enable Northern Irish food logistics company McCulla Transport to produce biomethane beginning this summer.

At McCulla’s plant location in Lisburn, 450 standard m3 of biogas will be processed into biomethane/RNG every hour. With this amount, the company will be able to operate 10 new CNG trucks, which are refuelled directly at the company’s new biome thane filling point. The first stage of the project was commissioned in early 2017 by transport company Ashley McCulla, with the intention to utilize residual materials from McCulla’s agricultural business and create synergies through the use of renewable electricity and heat in the regrigerated warehouse at its main logistics depot.

“By digesting slurry, agricultural residues and grass silage from our farm, we were able to produce green energy ourselves with a 500kW CHP plant and use it on our company premises,” said Ashley McCulla, chairman of the namesake company, in a statement. “Ultimately, this has significantly improved our carbon footprint.”

With the addition of the biogas plant, an estimated 17,500 tons of food leftovers from Lidl stores will substitute the agricultural residues as a substrate for the HGV fuel production every year.



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