Manure Manager

Webinar: Elevate your expectations with GEA ProManure

October 27, 2021 
Sponsored by GEA

Join us Dec. 9 at 2 p.m.

Make the most of your available space with GEA’s enhanced elevated stand for the SW cable drive unit. Mounting an SW drive unit over a cross gutter means less clean-up and easier maintenance. Also, a new addition to the GEA ProManure lineup is a tilting blade rubber shoe for alley scrapers. This new rubber shoe is more resistant to wear caused by sand in the alleys.

The GEA SW drive unit never takes a day off, doesn’t park in your way, cleans up after itself and is willing to work any shift. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries – GEA alley scrapers don’t.

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Speaker: Jeramy Sanford
Global product manager, GEA

Born, raised and reside in Michigan, near the Michigan, Indiana, Ohio border. Began in the industry in 1999, as a dairy route hygiene specialist at a dealership in Michigan. Went to work for GEA Houle in 2009 as a field manager. In 2017 I accepted the position of Separation Specialist for North America. In 2019 I accepted the position of Global product manager. I am responsible for training, product releases, and specialized assistance with GEA Houle equipment. I work closely to bridge the gap between R&D and our dealers and customers, ensuring that products that get to the market meet the needs of both.