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Meet nutrient targets with the HarvestLab 3000

Thu, Oct 31, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

September 9, 2019 
Sponsored by John Deere

Are you looking to accurately analyze, adjust and document your manure applications?

The HarvestLab 3000 from John Deere will assist in applying and documenting liquid manure nutrients at the right rate, in the right place. With Manure Constituent Sensing analyzing capabilities, the HarvestLab 3000 will help you visualize and share your applied nutrient data with other decision-makers in your operation.

John Deere’s John Mishler and Chris Arnold spoke about the features of the HarvestLab 3000 during a new product showcase webinar hosted by Manure Manager magazine. Missed the webinar? Watch the recording below, and read a summary of the Q&A session here.





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