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Liquid manure distribution and application uniformity

September 15, 2020  By Manure Manager/VTI

Manure is a variable fertilizer – nutrient content varying from year-to-year, farm-to-farm, and load-to-load. In addition to nutrient variability, our ability to uniformly distribute liquid manure across the tool-bar is dependent on both our equipment and the field conditions. During this free webinar, Kapil Arora, field agricultural engineer at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, and Daniel Andersen, associate professor at Iowa State University, will discuss application uniformity, review equipment options and their performance for uniformity across the tool bar, helping you understand how well distribution works; and how to make an informed decision while striving to capture all that manure has to offer. The focus will be on performance data on different manifolds, nutrient content of the manure and its variability, application variability and its implications, and how to incorporate them into your application and nutrient management strategies.

Be sure to check out publications AE 3600 – Distribution of Liquid Manure Application and AE 3601A – Calibrating Liquid Tank Manure Applicators, available at no cost at the Extension Distribution Store


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