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Watch: New Leader unveils its latest three-in-one spreader

January 11, 2021  by  Bree Rody

New Leader Manufacturing (NLM) has added a new three-in-one pull-type spinner spreader to its lineup.

The NL600 is a multi-purpose, multi-season spreader for growers and custom applicators. The design allows operators to spread compost, fertilizer and BioSul at higher rates and faster speeds, which can maximize their time in the field and investment in equipment.

John Rathjen, director of product development at NLM, said in a statement that this technology is relevant for professionals because of the increasingly tight application windows they face every year. “By increasing their spreadable acres per day, growers and custom applicators can save time, achieve a better cost per acre and get their nutrients down in these diminishing application windows.”


The spreader is available through authorized dealerships, which can be located online.


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