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Washington health board mulls own manure rule

The Washington State of Board of Health is working on a manure-control rule that would regulate all livestock waste.

August 13, 2019  by Capital Press

Local health and law enforcement officials would be obligated to enforce new manure-storage rules under a proposal circulated by the Washington State Board of Health.

The board plans to rewrite an old regulation prohibiting “stable manure” from piling up in “populous districts,” possibly extending the rule to every dairy, feedlot and livestock owner in the state. According to a draft, the rule would prohibit storing manure within 100 feet of a drainage ditch or 35 feet of neighboring property. Manure would have to be contained or covered to control odors, flies, rodents and other pests. The rule would add to manure-control regulations already set by the state Departments of Agriculture and Ecology. | READ MORE


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