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Wallula feedlot settles air quality violations

Simplot pays reduced fine and for project to decrease dust.

May 16, 2018  by Manure Manager magazine

Beef cattle feedlot, Simplot Feeders, LLP has agreed to pay a reduced fine and invest in a project that reduces small-particle pollution at their operation in Walla Walla County.

In 2015, the Washington Department of Ecology fined the company $50,000 for failing to manage air pollution, including dust and dried manure. Fine particles like dust can cause health problems for people who are exposed frequently and at high enough levels.

Ecology reduced the amount to be paid to $35,000 as part of the settlement agreement. Also, Simplot agreed to pay $5,000 of the fine, and use the remainder to fund a project to help improve air quality. The project includes paving a high-traffic area to significantly reduce dust from vehicles driving in and out of the facility.

The settlement also requires Simplot to update the facility’s dust control plan to strengthen measures that prevent particle pollution. The plan calls for improved staff training, using water to control dust from roadways and cattle pens, and daily monitoring to determine if dust control practices need to be adjusted.


The Pollution Control Hearings Board dismissed Simplot’s appeal of the penalty on April 3, 2018.


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