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Vermont Tech to create biomass facility with Canadian technology

July 6, 2012  by  David Manly

Jul. 6, 2012 – Vermont Technical College, in association with Quebec’s Bio-Methatech, will create a biomass facility on the college farm using manure, food and organic waste.

According to an article on, the proposed Centreal Vermont Recovered Biomass Facility (CVRBF) will produce 37 MW of electricity and heat for buildings from the digestion of the waste by microorganisms.

“The anaerobic bio-digester produces gases from the digestion of agricultural and pre-consumer food processing waste (cheese whey, yogurt whey, fats, oils and grease from animal and vegetable sources),” Vermont Tech President Philip Conroy told Mass High Tech. “The closest analogy is that is the stomach of a very large cow.”

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