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Valmetal brings all major brands under one name

February 16, 2021  by  Bree Rody

Following a series of acquisitions, Valmetal Group, which specializes in manufacturing, feed solutions and on-farm waste management, will fuse its three major brands under the singular name Valmetal.

Originally, Valmetal’s brands included the original Valmetal, Valmetal-Jamesway and Valmetal U.S. Farm Systems. The transition of the brands began after the family-owned Valmetal acquired the latter two several years ago. The transition, according the company, will allow it to provide a full line of farm equipment to dairy producers through its dealer network.

In terms of visual identity, it will maintain its traditional font and orange colouring, which it has maintained since its founding in 1983.

David Vallières, VP of sales and marketing with Valmetal Group, said in a company statement that the merger “underlines the achievement of growth through the acquisitions,” and that the singular trademark presents a more united front.

The Valmetal Group has operations in both Canada and the U.S. with more than 450 employees. Its specialties remain in the dairy industry, and its distribution network includes more than 150 dealers in more than 25 countries.


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