Manure Manager

Using manure to generate electricity

April 9, 2009  by Janet McNeill

April 9, 2009 – Brothers Fritz and Paul Klaesi of Fepro Farms near Cobden are
trailblazers in working to make our world cleaner and greener, by using
cattle manure to power their farm.

The farm has 300 Holstein cattle. The Swiss-born brothers have created
a manure digester and methane-powered generator to take the "poop" and
turn it into enough energy to power 300 homes. Grease (not French fry
oil) from grease traps in restaurants in Ottawa and Toronto is now also
added to their energy mix.

The two brothers have been working on this innovative technology for 10
years now. The road to becoming an independent producer of electricity
hasn't been smooth, exactly, but Paul Klaesi, who has a masters degree
in high voltage application and a Swiss high voltage inspections
degree, has always been confident of their project's soundness. | READ MORE



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