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Upcoming Manure Management Conference planning now in high gear

April 30, 2008  by Paul MacDonald

The Integrated Solutions to Manure
Management (ISTMM) III Conference and Exhibition represents one of the
few opportunities to attend an event solely dedicated to manure
management and related issues, and it’s coming up soon.

    The Integrated Solutions to Manure Management (ISTMM) III Conference and Exhibition represents one of the few opportunities to attend an event solely dedicated to manure management and related issues, and it’s coming up soon.

    Preparations are now in high gear for the conference, which will be held at the London Convention Centre in London, Ontario from March 8 to 10, 2006. Under the theme of “Managing Nutrients and Biomass for a Sustainable Rural Economy,” the conference will build on the success of the last two conferences, held in 2002 and 2004.

    ISTMM III will again provide a national forum for producers, policy makers, technology suppliers, researchers and other stakeholders to further identify, discuss and nurture partnerships that address the challenges and opportunities posed by livestock operations and manure management, including onfarm energy generation.


page20The ISTMM conference
features an exhibition, with a broad array of technology and service
suppliers and other stakeholders represented.

    “A variety of new and innovative technologies, processes and services that address the needs of livestock producers will be presented and also be on display at ISTMM III,” says conference chair John McMullen

    While ISTMM III will focus on practical manure management solutions, it will also have sessions on related topics such as mixed wastes, energy generation, regulations and policies, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits, carbon credit trading and more. “These are all areas of strong interest, and we want to bring people up to speed on the latest developments,” says McMullen.

    An invitation for presentations was issued this past summer. The response has been extremely positive, with the number of presentations submitted well in excess of the last conference in 2004. “We’ll be reviewing the submissions and selecting those that are the most appropriate to the conference and our theme,” says McMullen. Some submissions may be suitable for conference presentations, while others may be invited to participate in the poster session.

    McMullen notes that ISTMM III will be bigger and better due in large part to the very involved and energetic 18-member program committee. “I think we’ve been able to cover off all key stakeholder groups on the committee and we have representation from across Canada.”

    The goal of the conference is to present practical and cost-effective solutions of benefit to stakeholders, and the livestock community in particular. The sub-title of the conference—Managing Nutrients and Biomass for a Sustainable Rural Economy—provides an indication of how the conference program has broadened its scope. “We’ve expanded the program to include not only nutrient management, but also other biomass sources.” To this end, the program will include increased content on farm energy generation and its related opportunities and challenges.

    In addition to the conference program, ISTMM III provides attendees with ample opportunity to network and exchange information on an informal basis throughout the three-day event. The conference has an exhibition with a broad array of technology and service suppliers and other stakeholders represented.

    In conjunction with ISTMM III, the BIOCAP Canada Foundation will hold a special by-invitation-only Animal Production and Manure Management Network workshop on Wednesday March 8, the day prior to the conference. BIOCAP is a not-for-profit research foundation working to find solutions to climate change by using farmlands and forests to better advantage. “We’re very pleased that BIOCAP has chosen to align with ISTMM III,” says McMullen.

    The conference will also be offering a half-day tour of technologies and demonstration projects in and around the London area, also scheduled for March 8.

    The Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) is once again hosting the conference. ONEIA is a business association that represents the interests of the environment industry sector. The conference is also supported by a number of other provincial and federal government departments and private sector organizations.

    For additional information on the program and the tour of technology demonstrations—as well as conference and exhibitor registration—visit the conference web site at Information is also available by e-mail at or by phone: 416 426-7029.

 Sneak Preview of Conference
Program for Integrated Solutions to Manure Management III: Managing
Nutrients and Biomass for a Sustainable Rural Economy

    March 8-10, 2006
    London Convention Centre, London, Ontario

    Opening Plenary:

    Achieving a Sustainable Rural Economy
    Hon. Leona Dombrowsky, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,
    Food and Rural Affairs (invited)
    Hon. Laurel Broten, Ontario Ministry of Environment (invited)
    Bob Friesen, Canadian Federation of Agriculture
    Hon. Andy Mitchell, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (invited)
    Hon. Donna Cansfield, Ontario Ministry of Energy (invited)

    Concurrent Sessions:

    The Challenges and the Solutions

  • Demonstration and commercialization of new and innovative manure management and energy technologies and processes
  • Canada’s Kyoto commitment and the livestock sector
  • The numbers on greenhouse gas management
  • Regulatory and policy developments, including source water protection
  • Developments in distributed energy generation and opportunities for livestock producers
  • Implications of all of the above for rural economies.

    Special Breakout Sessions:

  •  An Opportunity to Have Your Say
  •  Financial resourcefulness: How to finance new technologies
  • Building sustainable rural communities: How to integrate manure, biomass, and energy technologies
  •  Innovative farming: Why are we stuck in a rut?
  •  Earning greenhouse gas credits on the farm: The challenges, and how to overcome them.

    Poster Session

    For technologies and tools that have not yet been demonstrated or commercialized.

    Early-bird conference and
exhibitor rates – on-line registration makes it easy. Don’t wait to
register for ISTMM III or to reserve a booth to exhibit your technology
or services. For details, visit


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