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June 26, 2018
Bill would change oversight of how farmers manage manure

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June 23, 2018
Heavier rains and manure mean more algae blooms

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June 22, 2018
Vermont Agency of Agriculture announces revised Medium Farm Operation General Permit

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June 21, 2018
Auburn University leads study to limit phosphorous pollution

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June 21, 2018
First farm in Wisconsin to launch AQUA innovations manure management system

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June 20, 2018
Group advocating farm-scale composting

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June 15, 2018
Underground aerobic digestion

ResearchNewsAnaerobic DigestionCanada

June 15, 2018
UBC research team finds low-cost solution for sewage odour issues

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June 13, 2018
Using manure to make sustainable paper

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June 12, 2018
CDFA now accepting suggestions for new management practices for alternative manure management program

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June 7, 2018
High-tech phosphorus removal

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June 7, 2018
Poultry litter used as alternative source of plant nutrients

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June 4, 2018
CDFA announces award for 2018 small dairy climate change research

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May 30, 2018
County to study addition of digesters in watershed

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May 28, 2018
Livestock emissions aren’t about to destroy the world, researcher says

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May 26, 2018
Guidelines to apply manure to cropland

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May 25, 2018
Five principles for a good manure management plan

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May 25, 2018
Feedyard greenhouse gas study analyzes emissions, mitigation factors

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May 24, 2018
Stinky Neighbours? What happens when people make complaints

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May 24, 2018
Delayed corn planting in IA could affect manure application

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May 23, 2018
Remnants of antibiotics persist in treated farm waste, research finds

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May 18, 2018
Dry weather and feedlot runoff

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May 9, 2018
Handling variability in manure nitrogen with manure analysis

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May 9, 2018
What is the value of farmyard manure?

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May 8, 2018
Dairy’s pipeline plan draws a crowd

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May 8, 2018
Researcher follows dairy cows’ carbon footprints from barn to field

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May 4, 2018
New research into better nutrient management of slurry

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May 3, 2018
New potential solutions to carcass disposal during food-animal disease outbreaks