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TMC, Menicon develop compost product in Japan

February 15, 2013  by Press release

February 14, 2013 – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and contact lens manufacturer Menicon Co., Ltd. have developed a livestock manure composting product.

New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko combines two products in the resQ45 series that are currently sold separately – Tokubetsu-Kyuko, containing an enzymatic agent that promotes decomposition of dietary fibers in manure, and Thermo Master, containing thermophilic bacteria to raise fermentation temperature.

Tokubetsu-Kyuko is added to manure for each compost cycle, while Thermo Master is recommended for the initial batch only as the product’s inherent bacteria breeds during the composting process, meaning finished compost contains “seed” bacteria that can be used for successive compost batches.

The introduction of New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko removes the need for seed compost, as the manure becomes reliably inoculated with thermophilic bacteria.


Although it will initially be sold in parallel with Tokubetsu-Kyuko and Thermo Master, a complete switchover to New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko is planned for 2014.


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