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August 22, 2011  by Manure Manager


{youtube}eRTggpoo53k|350|200{/youtube} Jamesway Farm Equipment – Manufacturer of feeding and manure handling equipment. This video reveals application equipment for heavy-duty users and custom haulers for liquid manure. Designed to do less damage to roads and fields. Active steering, increases safety and helps prevent damage to tires.
{youtube}TUnFtIAfrPw|350|200{/youtube} Digi-Star – Manure management recordkeeping solutions. Actual manure application info from your spreader. Indicator displays actual tons per acre. Document application with combined GPS and scales on you spreader. Comply with EPA and DNR CAFO regulations with application information. Store/transfer data to USB drive.
{youtube}GdQyi7tg8bY|350|200{/youtube} Degelman – Farm Equipment manufacturer building equipment for the past 50 years. Degelman introduces the most rugged spreaders available, the Degelman M Series for solid manure.
This machine has an unrivaled spread pattern and is designed with rocks in mind, utilizing proprietary retractable free swing flails, super duty gearbox, smooth sidewalls, heavy-duty and clean gate opening.
{youtube}7fILRMxLbXk|350|200{/youtube} Puck Custom Enterprises – Bringing the latest and the greatest to the drag hose industry. Newest product brought to market is floating agitation boat, a boat put out on a lagoon whose function is to suck liquid off the top of the lagoon and blast it down to the bottom to agitate all the solids up, controlled all from shore with a remote control.
Great complement to a lagoon pump or mixing system.With pump stations Mobile Star System, you can monitor operations any- where in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Manage your pumps from a tractor cab through smartphone Internet connection.
{youtube}QiC7XmViGyY|350|200{/youtube} GEA Farm Technologies – Been in business for over 50 years.
Demonstrating the EL54 6000 gallon liquid manure spreader.
Hydraulic suspension systems transfer weight evenly so pressure spikes. Steerable manure spreader featuring hydraulic steering system reduces pavement damage, is easier on hitch and reduces compaction and ruts. Flow meter for more precision manure
{youtube}nJBt3Ho5Zug|350|200{/youtube} K-Line – Irrigation that came out of New Zealand.  Can be used for water or for liquid manure. Very efficient and cost effective way to get the nutrients out onto your soils.  NO runoff or leaching.  Non- corrosive and delivers the water slowly and evenly.  Three different sizes of pods.  Custom designed to meet your needs and easy to move.


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