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Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners awards three

January 29, 2021  by  Bree Rody

Three farmers have been recognized by the Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners as part of its 13th annual No-Tillage Conference.

The virtual event recognized Pennsylvania’s Jim Hershey and two different Wisconsin farmers, Josh Hiemstra and Jason Wiegel. The program is supported by AgroLiquid and No-Fill Farmer.

Hershey’s former dairy now grows corn, wheat and soy beans, and finishes both broiler chickens and hogs. The majority of its nutrient needs are met with hog manure, applied in either spring or fall.

Hiemstra, a dairy owner, runs a 790-acre operation. His focus has been on a diverse cover crop mix in order to hold more manure.


Wiegel operates Wiegel Riverside Dairy, which is home to 220 milking cows and more than 200 replacement heifers. The dairy surface-applies all of its manure, covering the acreage at around 5,000 to 8,000 gallons per acre.


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