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Reduction and fate of manure pathogens and antimicrobial resistance

June 11, 2019  by Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community (LPELC).

Manure treatment, such as composting, and manure land application are generally considered to be effective measures to reduce bacterial pathogens and utilize the manure in an environmentally sustainable manner. However, unlike pathogenic bacteria, antimicrobial resistant bacteria can persist throughout various manure treatments and land application events.

Antimicrobial resistance is a complex issue as it is comprised of not only pathogenic bacteria, but also non-pathogens which share genes within complex environmental systems, such as agricultural fields.

Furthermore, the presence of “native” antimicrobial resistance in the environment can limit our interpretation of what’s an effective manure treatment as well as predict “downstream” public health issues.

This webinar presentation will describe potential measures to reduce pathogen and antimicrobial resistance in manure as well as discuss potential fate and transport of manure pathogens and antimicrobial resistance following land application of manure.


For more information and to view the webinar presentation, CLICK HERE.


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