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March 31, 2008  by Innovations

BBI makes a complete line of pull
type and truck mount spreaders to accommodate the needs of producers.
These units have applications in all types of manure handling.

Barron & Brothers International (BBI)


BBI makes a complete line of pull type and truck mount spreaders to accommodate the needs of producers. These units have applications in all types of manure handling.

The Endurance line from BBI is available in pull-type and truck mount models and is designed to be among the toughest, most durable spreaders in the market today. The Endurance series litter spreader is designed with the poultry grower in mind—farmers appreciate its rugged design. With BBI’s rugged design and construction, farms can more efficiently spread their materials, saving them time and money.


Spreaders in the Endurance series are made of heavy duty, high strength materials, with 7 and 10 gauge steel construction. Mechanical or hydraulic systems are available, as are heavy duty, high capacity packages. Pull-type hoppers are available in 10’ to 28’ lengths. 

Keith Walking Floor


KEITH Walking Floor bins and bunkers are used to store, meter and unload a variety of agricultural commodities. Systems are custom engineered to farm specifications and can handle loads of almost unlimited tonnage. Units are safe enough for employees to walk directly on, even while the system is operating.

Tough enough to handle loads of several hundreds tons, the systems are designed for maximum durability and have no load restriction for load start. The system’s conveyors are said to be safe and easy to operate.

Walking Floor composting bins can be operated manually or can be fully automated. Linking several bins automatically mixes materials during the composting process. Specialized floor slats allow for zone aeration.

The bins are ideal for handling feathers, offal and related animal byproducts, according to the company. The bins are constructed of FDA and USDA approved materials and are virtually maintenance-free.

Specialized systems are designed to convey almost any material. Systems are custom engineered, with virtually unlimited dimensions and weight restrictions. Power requirements are low, and no additional energy is needed for start-up.

Adams Fertilizer Equipment


The manure and litter chain conveyors from Adams Fertilizer Equipment have a standard length of 32’ and overall length of 38’. Minimum hopper height is 68” (sides, 45 degree pitch), with hopper width of 120”. Tow height is 12’ 6”. The conveyors have PTO drive, with gas or electric drive optional.

The pintle chain on the conveyors has a 34” overall width with 2” x 1” x 1/4” chain attachments on 9” centers. Chain speed at 540 rpm is 128 fpm.

The conveyors weigh 4,800 lbs and feature heavy duty dual adjustable jacks. They have adjustable discharge heights (25 degrees at 13’ 6”). The conveyors have an overall width of 36”, feature mild steel construction and are UHMW lined.

Kelley Manufacturing Co (KMC)


KMC poultry house cleaners are designed for efficient litter management in poultry houses. All models can be used to remove caked material and to sift smaller particles back to the floor. With the use of optional total cleanout plates, all models can be used to totally clean a house, removing large and small particles.

Standard height models have a larger tank capacity and are provided for use in houses that can accommodate the taller working height. Low profile models have less tank capacity and are provided for use in houses that cannot accommodate taller working heights.

Floor chain unload models unload the tank without tilting the bed and can be equipped with an optional spreader attachment for growers who have a need to spread litter or compost. The dump bed model cannot be equipped with the optional spreader attachment and is provided for growers who simply want to do a quick dump in a compost shed.

Heavy duty models are provided for customers who desire the heavier duty components with which these models are equipped.

The cleaners offer a manual pivoting tongue for cleaning closer to walls and a leveling conveyor for uniform distribution in the tank. The hydraulic pump is connected to tractor PTO, and there is depth adjustment on the hydraulic cylinder. The cleaners feature single 12.5L x 16 wheels and all motors are mounted inboard for side clearance.

Newton Crouch (NC)


NC’s model 30 litter and shavings spreaders feature body lengths of 16’ or 18’ and are said to have among the most uniform spread patterns in the industry. They have hopper capacity of 314 cubic ft (16’) and 353 cubic ft (18’). The spreaders have extra length to help prevent litter from falling off the conveyor. The conveyor is D88 chain, two-speed electric, and the spreaders have gear box drive and heavy duty torque motors (two). They are all hydraulic, and feature a tandem pump, with parallel hydraulics. The spreaders have twin spinners.

Reid Engineering


Reid Engineering has designed over 150 wastewater treatment systems throughout the United States and the world since becoming established in 1977. The company’s designs achieve consistent permit compliance using simple, economically operated processes constructed of high quality, low cost components.

Throughout the United States and overseas, Reid Engineering has provided proven, award winning nutrient removal technologies that have earned the company a reputation for designing economical and successful wastewater treatment plants.

The company has a team of professional engineers and computer designers with extensive knowledge in the wastewater industry, and is a full service provider of professional services and innovative designs. It has provided successful and economical water and wastewater treatment systems for the following types of wastewater clients: poultry processing plants; beef and hog processing plants; and dairies, among others.

Its services include full wastewater treatment systems including high efficiency removal, wastewater and sludge spray irrigation systems, sludge disposal systems and lagoon closure plans.



With a design and development history spanning over twenty years in spreading technology, covering three continents, GVM is now offering its newest generation of spreaders. They have been tested extensively and offer spreading precision. They are designed with simple to use controls which offer the ultimate in flexibility, saving the farmer both time and money, says the company.

Offering a wide spread pattern, the Transpread is capable of covering up to 100 percent more acres per day than conventional spreaders, the company says, adding significantly to the farmer’s bottom line.

Transpread is capable of spreading poultry manure, lime, gypsum, and most types of fertilizers. The Transpread comes standard with split rear doors, enabling the farmer to restrict spreading to a single side.

The 5.5 and 8.0 ton spreaders feature a 33” wide even flow belt with cleats that run over completely sealed rollers with stainless steel shafts. This allows the unit to operate at rates as low as 50 lbs of fertilizer per acre, and as high as two tons of lime per acre.

Terra Renewal Services


Terra Renewal Services (TRS) handles a variety of materials such as food processing residuals, DAF skimmings, municipal water and wastewater treatment biosolids and digester residues.

The company provides daily services to collect and transport residuals so farm operations can focus on their core business. In addition to handling the transportation, TRS also deals with various storage issues.

TRS maintains a fleet of sealed tanker trucks. The tankers are clean, well maintained and are equipped with vacuum pumps and hoses for spill-free loading.

TRS also provides cleanout services for all types of lagoons and digesters. The company utilizes a variety of equipment such as slurry pumps, floating dredges, and pontoon mounted submersible pumps for mixing and removing residuals and for loading tanker trucks. TRS has the capability to remove the entire contents of the lagoon or to remove only the solids from the bottom while leaving the lagoon in service.

TRS provides comprehensive environmental services for customers, including investigating and sampling, developing of residual management plans, permitting, record keeping and reporting. The company holds dozens of permits and licenses in several states.

The company partners with farmers and works closely with them to minimize the impact to their land, using state-of-the-art equipment to land apply residuals. All of its equipment has high-flotation tires for minimal soil compaction and disturbance. Terragators are used to subsoil inject the residuals and minimize odor.


The field-proven Backhus windrow turners are designed to operate eonomically. With more than 400 machines operating in 40 countries, the company has gained a reputation for providing first-class windrow turning technology. It offers a unity of technology, functionality and design.

The Backhus machines windrow toe to toe, and offer adjustable drum speed to meet material requirements.

With the 16.43 model, the company has installed the first electronically controlled diesel engine from Cummins in this series. A modular design allows the choice of specific engine sizes, since the entire engine unit including the cooler and the hydraulic assembly is built in a module. The rotor unit represents one further module. The rotor diameter can be selected freely. The design of the undercarriage is exactly the same as in the 15.50 model, which has already shown excellent results, says the company.

Chandler Equipment


Chandler Equipment Company provides precision farming technology and develops quality spreading machinery that improves fertilizer efficiently, even on the most highly variable soils. Family owned and operated, the company is a market leader in building spreading machinery and implementing new technologies. Chandler has implemented variable rate technology to enable all agribusinesses to solve common issues associated with fertilizing variable soils.

Standard features on its pull type litter and shavings spreaders include sturdy construction, with frame rails and floor being 3/16” thick plate, and sides and ends of 10 gauge thick sheet. Power source is a 540 PTO with 50:1 reduction worm gear drive with 2” cross shaft. The conveyor is a 34” wide bar type pintle chain with 3/8” thick bars on 11” centers. Spinners are twin 24” disc, 1/4” thick plate with four 9” blades on each disc. The units feature single axle suspension – rigid mounted with 19L x 16.1L tires—12,000 lbs rating. Lengths are from 10’ through to 22’.

Farmer Automatic


Farmer Automatic has a compact, self-propelled machine—the Compost Cat—that stirs, aerates and redeposits material in a windrow configuration behind the machine. The unit is designed to operate in high-rise poultry houses and small windrow applications.

The Compost Cat features a 45 hp Deutz diesel engine that provides power to all of the machine’s hydraulic systems. With its four-wheel hydraulic drive system, each wheel has its own hydraulic motor for easy maneuvering from the operator’s seat. With its skid steering, tracking of the machine down the windrow requires minimal operator’s assistance.

The Compost Cat features rugged steel construction and epoxy paint finish, which will provide years of reliability and a rust-free structure, the company says.
With its pick-up head, the front unit can be hydraulically lowered and raised for operation and ease of transport. On the Center-Flo auger, rotation is hydraulically driven; it breaks up the material and moves it to the center of the machine where it is deposited on the Flo-Thru belt system.

With the Flow-Thru belt system, the conveyor belt receives the material from the Center-Flo auger and transports it through the Compost Cat housing, depositing it in a windrow behind the machine.


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