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IWCA series: Liz Robertson

June 19, 2024  By Brett Ruffell

In our first episode of the 2024 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture podcast series, we speak to Liz Robertson, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors.

For over 20 years, Robertson has been at the forefront of providing quality business and professional advice to farm families and businesses across Canada. Under her leadership, CAFA has grown into the largest network of farm business professionals in the country, boasting over 630 members who regularly meet to share insights and learn from expert speakers.

Robertson’s innovative approach includes attracting and training a diverse range of professionals, from accountants to family coaches, to address the complex needs of Canada’s farmers. She has also been instrumental in creating national events and a comprehensive online database to support continuous learning and collaboration among farm advisors.

In this episode of AgAnnex Talks, Robertson, one of the 2024 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture, speaks with Canadian Poultry editor Brett Ruffell about her achievements, how she has transformed farm advisory services, her thoughts on the future of farming, and more.

Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science Canada, platinum sponsor of the 2024 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program, for sponsoring this series.