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IWCA series: Andrea McKenna

August 9, 2021  By Bree Rody

Life is full of difficult decisions – when to take a chance, when to take time off, when to go back to your roots, when to try something new. Andrea McKenna has tackled all of those tough questions and more as a farm operator, advocate and mentor. Now, she tells her story outlining her journey from city living to farm operation and helping growers make more sustainable business decisions.

AgAnnex editor Bree Rody chats with McKenna in this episode of the IWCA series for AgAnnex Talks, discussing challenges, lessons learned and what the future holds for agriculture.

IWCA is a program created by the agriculture brands at Annex Business Media, designed to recognize women who make a difference in Canada’s ag industry and provide them with a platform to share their knowledge, triumphs and advice.

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Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science, platinum sponsor of the 2021 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program.

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