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On Track: September/October 2008

October 10, 2008  by On TRACK

Dewatering system now available for dairy farmers
XACT Systems proudly introduces the high efficiency Centrisys Dewatering System to the agricultural market.

The XACT Systems Centrisys Dewatering System is an industrial centrifuge manufactured since 1987 with units operating around the world in municipal, food processing and industrial applications.  Now, dairymen can access this same high performance dewatering technology to separate solid manure from the liquid.

Recent tests on a large dairy showed the XACT Systems Centrisys Dewatering System removed an average 77 percent of solids from the liquids (documented by certified laboratory) and an average of 62 percent of the phosphorus from the liquids.  This percentage of solids removed is well above industry norms.

By removing the majority of the suspended solids, dairymen may never again need to use a dragline to clean out settling ponds, providing substantial savings. Farmers may even be able to virtually eliminate settling ponds.


The small amount of solids remaining in the liquid should break down quickly in the wastewater lagoons.  Much of the odor coming from these lagoons comes from the large volume of decaying solids. Reduced solids in these lagoons should mean reduced odor, happier neighbors, state, county and air quality regulatory people.

The XACT dewatering system will have a huge impact on large farms, particularly dairies experiencing phosphorus problem.  With XACT Systems Centrisys Dewaterer’s ability to remove phosphorous, more liquid manure can be applied per acre without adding more phosphorous to the soil, even close to the barn where one usually finds the greatest amount of phosphorous build up in the soil. 

With escalating energy costs, being able to land apply twice as many gallons, or more, of liquid manure per acre is a huge savings since the manure does not have to be pumped or trucked miles away from the dairy to be land applied.  This savings will grow annually as energy costs increase.

StormFisher Biogas, Denham announce $350 million partnership
StormFisher Biogas announced recently it has formed a strategic partnership with Denham Capital Management, a Boston-based private equity firm, to develop a $350 million portfolio of biogas projects.

The partnership is projected to bring about a reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to removing approximately 26,000 average-sized cars from the road.

StormFisher’s president, Bas van Berkel, said the firm will seek biogas projects – at any stage of development – across North America, and will consider acquisitions as well.
StormFisher intends to develop a portfolio of about 30 biogas projects across North America over the next five years. Power projects are expected to be between two and five megawatts in size, while natural gas projects are expected to deliver between 150,000 and 350,000 MMBtu per year of pipeline quality natural gas. StormFisher’s first three development projects, which are all located in Ontario, Canada, will break ground in late 2008 and be operational by Fall 2009.

Company makes installing flyspray systems easy
With warm weather,  barn managers are dealing with another pesky fly season.

There are many methods of fly control on the market, but the best way to keep the flies under control is to break the breeding cycle. To make flyspray systems more economical, was launched, an Internet sales site and call center for designing and technical support for installation of flyspray systems.

This company allows consumers to save money on Automagic flyspray systems and refills by making the installation and refill process a do-it-yourself procedure. With a quick consultation over the phone, staff will design a custom flyspray system and guide customers through the installation process. With this detailed information, the system can be installed in as little as one hour. Only a few tools are needed for installation.

Biodegradable treatment available for equipment
Green Lubrication Solutions™ (GLS) is joining the nation’s growing number of companies offering products formulated for minimal impact on the environment.

The company is the exclusive western U.S. distributor of a unique line of lubrication and engine enhancement products – MotorSilk™ and LubriSilk™ – that provide an easy-to-implement option for those looking to “go green” and use less oil. 

MotorSilk and LubriSilk can treat farm vehicles, equipment, and related machinery using a patented lubrication technology invented at the U.S. Department of Energy labs (originally formulated as an extreme conditions lubricant suitable for the rigors of the NASA space program). These products increase energy efficiency in engines, reduce emissions, save gas and lubrication oil use, and can even be used to obtain carbon credits. They are also fully biodegradable and non-toxic.

Unlike typical oil additives and lubricants, these GLS products require only one treatment to provide long-term engine benefits. They bond to engine metal surfaces to greatly decrease friction, increase power and gas mileage, and cut down on wear, which all combine into long-term maintenance cost savings. For farms with multiple vehicles, the long-term aggregate savings can be enormous.

Kenworth introduces new T170 Model
Kenworth Truck Company recently expanded into the Class 5 market with the introduction of the Kenworth T170 model.

The Kenworth T170 is a straight truck in a 4 x 2 configuration with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) up to 19,500 lbs. Standard features include the PACCAR PX-6 engine rated at 200 hp and 520 ft-lb of torque, 8,000 lb. front axle and 11,500 lb. rear axle, hydraulic brakes, low-frame height chassis with 19.5-inch wheels and tires, power door locks, passenger-side electric windows (optional on drivers side), and Kenworth DayLite doors with right-hand peeper window. Customers can choose a manual or automatic transmission.
The T170 incorporates a single-piece, painted steel bumper, located forward of the hood to help reduce impact damage, and new Metton quarter fenders for additional durability and impact resistance. The new sheet-molded composite (SMC) hood offers superior access to the engine compartment with 90-degree hood tilt for ease of service. New halogen projector low beam headlamps provide up to 30 percent more light down the road and three times longer life than sealed beam headlamps. The Kenworth T170 also comes with a steel battery box and ABS cover, heat-treated frame rail, and a 35-gallon, steel rectangular fuel tank.

Inside, the Kenworth T170’s ergonomically friendly dash features a wrap-around instrument panel with large, easy-to-read, gauges. Key options include a telescoping and tilting steering wheel, workstation with two 12-volt power ports for laptops or printers, optional corner windows to aid in backing and negotiating tight spots, and an electronic shift module.

Moisture analyzer helping convert biogas to electric power
BioEnergy Solutions of Bakersfield, Calif., has launched the state’s first biogas-to-pipeline injection project in Fresno County, located in central California.
The project is using renewable natural gas derived from animal waste at a PG&E site.

David Albers, president of BioEnergy Solutions, says the project, located in the town of Riverdale, uses manure from 5,000 milk-producing cows and calves at Vintage Dairy. The biogas is upgraded, or “scrubbed” to remove corrosive materials to meet PG&E’s environmental standards for power plants and then delivered to PG&E through the utility’s pipeline.
But transporting and marketing methane through pipelines requires that it meet safety and quality standards. Since virtually all biogas contains significant amounts and varieties of impurities that must be removed before pipelines will transport it and customers will accept it.

That’s where SpectraSensors gas moisture analyzer comes in.

“We are using these moisture analyzers to monitor moisture in the methane,” explains Albers. “And of course, we’re checking for hydrogen sulfide content and carbon dioxide content.”

The SpectraSensors TDL-based gas analyzer uses laser (light) absorption spectroscopy to identify and measure one or more gases in a flow of mixed gases. As the laser light passes through the gas sample in the cell, the presence of any target gas is detected and its concentration measured. Typically, this type of analyzer is “tuned” to monitor a target gas (e.g. H20, CO2, H2S) by monitoring the absorption of light at wavelengths specific to the target gas.

The SpectraSensors gas moisture analyzer line is designed to provide extremely fast and accurate readings without expensive labor and replacement costs.

Goodyear launches new long-wear tire
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company recently introduced a new Kelly Armorsteel KRH regional tire for pickup and delivery trucks. Available through Kelly dealers and truck stops, the new rib tire was developed for uniform and long-lasting wear in regional applications. Available in 11R22.5 and 11R 24.5 sizes in an H load rating, the tire has an enhanced belt package for multiple retreads.

Bruce Woodruff, marketing manager for regional and light-truck commercial tires, said the Armorsteel KRH tread pattern provides superb traction on wet and dry roads, as circumferential grooves and lateral blading help displace water from under the tire, allowing for confident driving in wet conditions.

Special tread compounding helps the tire resist “tread scrubbing and curbing in tight turns,” said Woodruff.

Company marketing direct to farmers
General Environmental Science Corp., a world leader in the manufacturing of environmentally beneficial bacteria, is now marketing direct to hog farms nationwide, providing producers with easier access to manure management technologies.

For 35 years, GES Corp. has been a world leader in the bacterial treatment of wastewater. The company is now marketing its LLMO S-1 live bacteria formula – a broad-based product used to hydrolyze a wide variety of organic solids – to small- and medium-size hog farms nationally, at a factory-direct price with freight paid.  LLMO S-1 can help reduce odors and liquefy hog manure pits to make pumping substantially easier.

For more information, contact Frank Young, national sales manager, at 800-234-9686.


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