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November 30, 1999  by On TRACK

Baleen Filters selected among Artemis Top 50
Baleen Filters was chosen by The Artemis Project as a winner of the 2010 Top 50 Water Companies Competition.

The award distinguishes Baleen Filters as a leading company in the water industry.  

Baleen Filters was selected by an international panel of advanced industry experts based on four criteria:

  • technology
  • intellectual property and know-how
  • team quality
  • market potential

“The Artemis Project’s Top 50 Water Companies Competition winners have excelled in key areas of the emerging advanced water technology sector,” said Laura Shenkar, principal of The Artemis Project. “We are excited to showcase these innovative companies and congratulate them for their achievements in creating solutions that will reinvent the water landscape.”


The Artemis Project Top 50 winners were honored at the BlueTech Innovation Forum in San Francisco.

Climate Action Reserve releases version 3.0 of Livestock Project Protocol
The Climate Action Reserve, a North American carbon offset registry, has released version 3.0 of the Livestock Project Protocol, providing updated guidelines for livestock operations to participate in the carbon market.

With the updated protocol, operations have more opportunities to reduce their methane emissions and earn offset credits that can be sold in the carbon market. With this protocol, operations that capture and destroy methane from livestock manure before it is released into the atmosphere receive carbon-offset credits that can be traded in the carbon market

“The protocol ensures that livestock operations can effectively reduce greenhouse gases and thrive while earning offset credits in a carbon market,” said Linda Adams, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and chair of the Climate Action Reserve’s board of directors.

Version 3.0 of the protocol includes revised guidance on determining the greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment boundary of projects. This includes details on the standard stocking rates and new options for complying with the reporting period and verification requirements to reduce verification costs. All offset projects registered with the Climate Action Reserve are required to undergo independent, third-party verification.

“Livestock manure management provides a key opportunity to reduce significant methane emissions, while at the same time generating revenue for the livestock operator,” said Gary Gero, president of the Climate Action Reserve. “Version 3.0 of the Livestock Project Protocol recognizes that opportunity and ensures that livestock manure management projects are developed, quantified and verified with the highest level of integrity.”

The Climate Action Reserve also released version 2.0 of the Mexico Livestock Project Protocol, which provides guidance for livestock offset projects in Mexico.

To date, livestock projects registered with the Climate Action Reserve have reduced 151,903 metric tons of CO2e from the atmosphere, equivalent to taking more than 29,000 passenger vehicles off the road annually.

Degelman Industries introduces M Series
After five years of design, development and testing, Degelman Industries introduces its new series of manure spreaders, the M Series. Both the M28 (28-cubic-yard capacity) and the M34 (34-cubic-yard capacity) have been designed with rocks in mind, featuring retractable free-swing flails, super duty gearboxes, smooth sidewalls, and clean gate opening. The Degelman Rock Bypass System (RBS) comprises five rows of free-swinging flails that collapse upon stone impact. The spreader cuts and tears material, dropping heavier crumbled material to the next lower set of paddles for final processing.

Paddles on the M Series are made from 0.75-inch abrasion resistant 400 material and are interchangeable and reversible, and can be replaced without cutting or welding using a 1.75-inch pin. The M Series produces a 60-foot spread pattern using a chain floor drag system made from 100,000 lb.-plus marine grade drag chain. The entire drive and beater system can be lifted from the machine in minutes to assist in clearing any blockages or to convert the spreader to a dump wagon. Operation of the M28 requires 180 horsepower or more while the M34 requires a minimum of 225 horsepower.

John Deere releases two new precision ag applications

When it comes to precision agriculture, accuracy equals efficiency. That’s why John Deere has introduced two new applications that help producers better manage surface water movement and improve implement guidance in their fields.

These two John Deere Ag Management Solution (AMS) products are:

  • iGrade™ is a GPS-based system that enables operators to easily build and maintain their own field surface water management structures, using many of the same components as they use during crop production.
  • ISteer™ provides active implement guidance to increase accuracy and repeatability in straight-track field applications.

IGrade automates the control of the tractor’s scraper blade to enable basic grade and slope design; distance-based hydraulic commands; and Surface Water Pro™ Plus automation. By automating the blade’s position, operators are able to more efficiently and effectively manage surface water issues in the field.

Because it uses an RTK correction signal, operators spend more time grading and less time setting up and moving laser components. IGrade is accurate up to one mile, compared to just 1,000 feet for lasers. Also, unlike lasers, RTK accuracy is not affected by wind, dust or heat.

ISteer consists of a receiver and a hydraulic steering system, both attached to an implement, that enables the implement to automatically correct its position in the field independently of the tractor’s guidance line. It is completely integrated with approved John Deere tractors and requires a StarFire RTK system to operate. The implement must also have its own steering system.

The iSteer system is ideal for strip-till operations, with standing row crops and bedded crops (such as potatoes), and other applications that require precise implement positioning. ISteer reduces overall input costs and improves productivity when cropping practices require multiple passes through the field.

Magnalight dimmable LED spotlight
Larson Electronics LLC has added a new dimmable LED spotlight for work applications to its Magnalight line.

Drawing less than one amp on 12 volts and 0.5 amps on 24 volts, the HL-85-10W1-D LED spotlight offers a familiar pistol grip, hand-held style and a dial for dimming the LED light output. Operators can use this dimmable LED spotlight to create the light intensity that best allows them to see their target work area without sacrificing their eyes’ ability to adjust to the area around them.

The HL-85-10W1-D features a magnetic base, 16-foot detachable coil cord, cigarette plug and an inline PWM for dimming the LED light output. The spotlight operates on 9-42 volts DC and draws less than one amp. Weighing less than one pound, the pistol grip style spotlight enables operators in hunting or work applications to adjust the intensity of the LED light output to best suit their requirements.

“Whether someone is hunting or working, this dimmable LED spotlight enables the operator to find the light output that doesn’t just illuminate the immediate area, but also allows their eyes to continue to adjust to the darkness around them,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics. “Sometimes you need power and distance to identify objects at distance, but if you use that intense light on a nearby work area, your eyes lose their ability to see anything around you. So the key to this dimmable LED spotlight is that the operator can adjust the output to the level that allows their eyes to adjust to the immediate work area and the surroundings. The time of night, cloud cover, the operator’s eye condition and other factors make the level of LED light dimming vary all the time. The operator can simply adjust the dial to create the appropriate level of light for their particular needs. Many operators use red filters or red light to achieve this same effect, but they lose intensity, distance and color correct object identification.”

Polar Lube
Most air tool and pneumatic control users are unaware that air lines can freeze up at 40 F.

As the pressure drops from 100 psi down to atmosphere through the tool or valve, the compressed air – which is always at 100 percent humidity – supercools rapidly and can freeze up the equipment.

Polar Lube technology simply replaces regular lubricant in the filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) unit and prevents this from occurring. In fact it will protect air lines down to -60 F. Adding it to a frozen tool inlet it will unfreeze the tool.

Polar Lube lubricates and will not affect o-rings, seals, rotor blades, bowls or hoses and is compatible with all manufacturers’ drop, mist or automatic lubricators.

New Holland DuraTank™ spreaders
New Holland’s DuraTank™ side-delivery spreaders have been redesigned with more capacity and more heavy-duty strength. These spreaders feature a right-side discharge and easily handle a wide variety of material, including sand-laden slurry, pen pack, biosolids and poultry litter. The overshot expeller provides a fine spread pattern with precise application control – from light top-dressing to heavy spreading – for optimal utilization of nutrients reducing fertilization costs.

New Holland’s DuraTank spreaders provide material breakup and broadcast a uniform spread pattern. They feature a round core auger to reduce power consumption. The heavy-duty overshot expeller features a quick- release poly lined pan for less power consumption and paddle wear, especially in sticky or freezing conditions. The expeller top shielding is adjustable to control the spread pattern, while preventing drift of manure to keep the tractor and spreader cleaner.

The expeller, protected by a shear-bolt, is easy to maintain.  Shroud adjustments aren’t necessary for a uniform spread pattern and the bolt-on expeller paddles wear longer plus, the paddles are faster and less expensive to replace than hammers. With just the pull of a handle, the expeller trough swings open to allow built-up material to fall out or precipitation to drain away.

The DuraTank spreaders feature a 40/60 front-to-rear split tandem axle that allows for increased wheel spindle and longer tire life during tight turns, as well as providing a smoother ride in the field.

The optional Digi-Star® Nutrient Tracker™ gives livestock producers a way to document manure application for management plans. The advanced scale system displays the actual tons per acre spread and provides record-keeping files of manure application in compliance with the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s CAFO animal waste regulations. This information can be utilized to calculate applied nutrient values, as well as, generate application rate maps.

There are three DuraTank models: the 2000S, 2600S and 3400S, with 2,000, 2,600 and 3,400 gallon capacities respectively. All models feature heavy-duty gusseted tank supports to endure the heaviest loads for years to come, along with hardened flighting auger segments that provide strength when spreading dense or frozen materials.

Pengo Revolution Series Drives
The Revolution Series Drives were born out of an idea to develop a product that would better fit the needs of Pengo’s customers. The previous product line’s strengths and weaknesses were evaluated and a partnership with a new gearbox supplier was formed. It is hoped the Revolution Series Drives will become the premier attachment choice.

This new product includes drives for use with compact skid steers, compact excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoes and excavators. The sizes range from the MS-100 all the way up to the RV-200.

The new design of the Revolution Drives offers a two-piece bail housing for easier customization, a crossover pressure relief system to protect the drive and larger, more efficient gearboxes. The new series is available in single speed, two-speed and variable speed configurations. All two-speed units have automatic shift and an added cooling feature.


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