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North American Manure Expo coming to SD in 2018

September 6, 2016  by SDSU Extension

September 6, 2016, Brookings, SD – South Dakota State University and SDSU Extension are pleased to announce South Dakota was recently selected to host the 2018 North American Manure Expo.

The North American Manure Expo is a travelling show that combines three attractions into one event, consisting of:

  • Industry trade show
  • Manure technology demonstrations and tours
  • Educational sessions and events

“The North American Manure Expo will also provide an opportunity to showcase our state’s feeding industry and its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship,” said David Kringen, SDSU Extension Water Resources Field Specialist.

History of the North American Manure Expo

In early 2001, the University of Wisconsin was approached by a number of custom manure applicators in their region requesting a show that would provide side-by-side comparisons of agitation and application equipment to help determine what best fit their individual needs.

From this request came the first Manure Expo, which was held near Prairie Du Sac, WI, in August 2001. The first event proved to be very successful and additional shows were requested for 2003.

Growing attendance meant that expansion was needed and it was decided at that time to take the show on the road as well. The expo has grown to be an annual event and has been hosted by Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Canada and, in 2018, South Dakota!

The North American Manure Expo can expect to bring together a number of different industry and agency personnel including, but are not limited to:

  • Livestock producers in the dairy, beef, pork, and poultry industries;
  • Custom manure handlers, applicators, and brokers;
  • Crop consultants and nutrient management specialists;
  • Agricultural support industry; and
  • Extension and agency personnel.

SDSU Extension is currently evaluating a number of site locations in southeast South Dakota along the Interstate-29 corridor that can accommodate a potential audience of 1,000+ attendees over a two-day event.

“The chosen site will have room for exhibitors, educational sessions, and machinery demonstrations,” Kringen explained. “A site near Sioux Falls would provide an ideal central location for attendees travelling from neighboring states, have airport access, and be in close proximity to the South Dakota feeding industry.”

SDSU Extension has also taken a regional approach in the planning and development of the 2018 Expo by inviting the cooperation of the other members of the I-29 Consortium of Universities from the neighboring states of North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

“We feel this multi-state approach will give participants the best possible experience when attending the event,” Kringen said.

South Dakota’s initial planning committee includes:

  • Erin Cortus, Associate Professor & SDSU Extension Environmental Quality Engineer
  • David Kringen, SDSU Extension Water Resources Field Specialist
  • John Lentz, Resource Conservationist, South Dakota NRCS Nutrient Management Team

While the input from neighboring universities will be invaluable, Kringen said support from the South Dakota livestock industry, producer organizations, custom manure applicators, and others will be vital in order for the event to be successful.

SDSU Extension looks forward to working with our industry partners over the next two years to bring about a memorable expo in 2018,” he said.

To learn more about this event, contact Kringen by email.


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