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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability July 14, 2014
EPA water proposal rattles ag industry
For years, farmers and ranchers have cast a wary eye toward new laws and regulations from Washington that they fear will be costly and burdensome.
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NC hog farm turning manure into money
Storms Farm in is now home to an energy system that turns hog waste into energy. It's a concept even surprising to the farm owner.
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Manure science review set for August 14
Manure has two shades of green, so to speak – the green of greater farm crop yields, and the green of a cleaner environment.
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EPA study of CAFO emissions grinds on
The U.S. EPA’s nine-year effort to document air pollution at livestock operations is likely still many years from completion and unlikely to be as useful as industry and environmental groups had hoped.
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