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More from Manure Manager | Energy | Sustainability August 22, 2013
Manure Expo 2013 NA Manure Expo stirs up Canada
More than 650 farmers and industry people from across Canada and the world took part in the 2013 North American Manure Expo, held August 21 near Guelph, Ont., Canada.
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NY gov in manure fight as state promotes yogurt
All that stands between dairy farmer Kerry Adams and expanding her herd of cows to tap New York’s booming yogurt industry is one billion pounds of manure.
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CT farmers sound off on manure rules
Farmers from both sides of the Connecticut River crowded Alumni Hall recently to share concerns about proposed federal food safety rules that could end up requiring weekly tests of water used for irrigation and changing the ways farmers spread manure on their crop fields.
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MD could limit chicken manure use
The Worcester County Commissioners are sending the state a letter of protest about an emergency regulation that could immediately limit the use of chicken manure on state farms.
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