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WI manure haulers seek solution to road issues
More than 200 farmers and custom manure haulers gathered at a grassroots meeting near Stratford in Marathon County, WI, to vent their frustration over road and bridge weight limits and what most perceived as excessively aggressive enforcement of tankers by local law enforcement.
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Apply fall manure with precautions
Fall manure applications can help meet the high nutrient demands of forage crops if some agronomic and environmental considerations are kept in mind, says Paul Craig, Dauphin County, PA, Extension agent.
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Studies evaluate impact of DDGS on manure
As distillers grains becomes an ever more popular component of cattle diets in feedlots throughout North America, the need to explore the after-effects of that product also become more important.
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Follow these PA winter manure restrictions
Recently, American Agriculturist briefed readers on Pennsylvania’s newly revised Manure Management Plan Guidance. Here’s a quick look at the winter manure application section that will guide every manure management plan developed.
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