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Learning from extreme weather eventsJuly 17, 2019Decommissioning earthen storageJuly 3, 2019Next steps for transitionJune 27, 2019Seeding cover crops and injecting hog manure in one passJune 26, 2019Dealing with relationship dynamics during succession planningJune 20, 2019Dealing with relationship dynamics during succession planningJune 13, 2019Improving success of variable rate manureJune 12, 2019Spotlighting results from the Ag Succession SurveyJune 6, 2019A sneak peak of the 2019 North American Manure ExpoMay 29, 2019The latest advancements in precision application technologyMay 15, 2019Creating a manure management appMay 1, 2019Proceeding with precision application technologyApril 17, 2019Composting or stockpiling – What’s the difference?April 3, 2019Preparing for an inspection on the farmMarch 20, 2019Finding success with an on-farm digesterMarch 6, 2019Eurotier: Showing off the latest innovationsFebruary 20, 2019Preventing phosphorus buildup in soilsFebruary 6, 2019Transforming litter to clean energyJanuary 23, 2019Not all poultry litter is the sameJanuary 9, 2019Turkey farming with sustainability in mindDecember 19, 2018Using worms to manage dairy manureDecember 5, 2018Winterkill from manure applicationNovember 21, 2018Putting lagoon solids to workNovember 7, 2018Producers still needed for pig environmental footprint projectOctober 24, 2018Building a custom manure hauler certification programOctober 10, 2018First of its kind robotic bedding system installed in WISeptember 26, 2018Doo from the Zoo: Composting solutionsSeptember 12, 2018Check out the Manure Expo 2018 photo album!August 29, 2018Embracing composting to reduce odoursAugust 15, 2018Advice and success stories to help with your successionAugust 2, 2018Funding awarded for dairy digester projectsAugust 1, 2018Focusing on finance – not just the farmJuly 26, 2018Plugging dairies into a renewable futureJuly 18, 2018Welcome to Ag Succession MonthJuly 5, 2018Phosphorus load? Blame it on the rainJuly 4, 2018New tool to help time manure applications with weatherJune 20, 2018Harnessing Nebraska’s cow powerJune 6, 2018Equine manure management ideasMay 23, 2018New potential solutions to carcass disposalMay 8, 2018Investing in anaerobic digestionApril 25, 2018Equine manure managementApril 11, 2018Dry weather and feedlot runoffMarch 28, 2018Options for managing winter manureMarch 14, 2018IL manure hauler updates | MI manure hauler certificationFebruary 28, 2018Managing manure storage | Fix emissions reportingFebruary 14, 2018Manure limitations in eastern WI | Learn about IA’s eMMPJanuary 31, 2018No more IA livestock confinements? | Land application trainingJanuary 17, 2018Manure hose malfunction | $20 million for water qualityJanuary 3, 2018Iowa report now available | Manure initiative winding downDecember 20, 2017Uncertain methane emissions | Manure spreader market boostDecember 6, 2017Tech keeps cows comfortable | Hydrogen sulfide trainingNovember 22, 2017Reporting air emissions | Manure storage safetyNovember 8, 2017Fall manure tips | WI lawsuit settledOctober 25, 2017IA feedlot concerns | WI karst rule changesOctober 11, 2017IA uses satellites to find farms | Dairy case goes to Supreme CourtSeptember 27, 2017The future – Technology leading the waySeptember 22, 2017The future – Challenges and opportunitiesSeptember 21, 2017The present – The state of the industrySeptember 20, 2017The past - Heritage farms part IISeptember 19, 2017A celebration of agriculture and Canada’s 150thSeptember 18, 2017Reducing nutrient runoff| New open-source manure softwareSeptember 13, 2017The potential of Biochar | IA NRCS UpdateAugust 30, 2017Manure Expo coming soon | Better ways to spreadAugust 16, 2017Dry weather and feedlot runoff | Electric truck powered by manureAugust 2, 2017New sidedress method | Manure Science ReviewJuly 19, 2017EPA proposes repealing ‘WOTUS’ | Environmental Farm Plan SummitJuly 5, 2017Is a digester right for your farm? | Tax credits for farmersJune 21, 2017Success stories: how four farm families are dealing with the transition of ownershipJune 16, 2017Next generation owners: thinking ahead for successionJune 15, 2017Expert advice: managing the moving parts of succession planningJune 14, 2017Legal considerations for succession | Tax and finance adviceJune 13, 2017Welcome to Ag Succession Week! A new resource for your family farmJune 12, 2017The benefits of gypsum | Dribble bar updateJune 7, 2017Ranging further with fracs | Upcoming manure safety courseMay 24, 2017Best time to spread manure | Upcoming AD webinarMay 10, 2017DFA, Vanguard alliance | Leopold Center to close?April 26, 2017WI regulation changes | New manure appMarch 29, 2017WA asked to fund tech | Poultry manure outweighs hog in NCMarch 15, 2017Plan to spread? Look ahead | Minimum age for haulingMarch 1, 2017Spreading alarms WI residents | Winter spreading in OHFebruary 15, 2017IA cost-sharing program | Verify calibration, distributionFebruary 1, 20172017 Midwest Manure Summit | Nutrient management calendarsJanuary 18, 2017CAFO updates in WI | Manure manipulationJanuary 4, 2017Net Zero Energy and retrofits | Ontario Concrete AwardsDecember 7, 2016Apply AD technology | Manure impact on roadsNovember 24, 2016Manure injection advantages | WI expanding digester fundingOctober 26, 2016WI DNR to fund manure reg | Halt large IA livestock farmsSeptember 28, 2016Online tool for manure storage | IA seeking CAFO rule inputMay 25, 2016Manure seminars in PA | Manure Expo to receive awardApril 13, 2016

Manure Expo wins award | PEDv-killing disinfectants needed (March 2016)FDA seeks manure assistance | MD manure missing (March 2016)Hydrogen sulphide education | Poking pig manure in soil (March 2016)Hydrogen sulphide education | Poking pig manure in soil (February 2016)MD chicken farmers seek relief | Stewardship recognized (February 2016)Manure value depends on crop | IDA responds to producer needs (January 2016)NC county OKs incentives | WSU seeks retraction (January 2016)USDA supports IA livestock producers | Dairy ADs better investment (January 2016)Literature review requested | Producers share strategies (December 2015)Proposed WI manure legislation | Ohio loan program (December 2015)Zeolites filter showing results | Manitoba fertilizing ban back on (November 2015)VT releases draft water quality rules | FL dairy using manure power (November 2015)WI winter spreading rules could change | Research proposals wanted (October 2015)Marketing manure | Manure sharing program (September 2015)IA met manure spill guidelines | Energy from VT manure (September 2015) million to improve Lake Erie | Fighting manure in WA (September 2015)Interest rises in manure | Debate continues on compost barns (August 2015)ISU manure workshops | MI farm tour (August 2015)North American Manure Expo | CA funds five dairies (July 2015)New phosphorus research | What's New With Poo (July 2015) million to improve Lake Erie | Fighting manure in WA (June 2015)MD phosphorus tool | Clean Water Rule finalized (June 2015)Research IDs obstacles | Robinway Dairy receives environment award (May 2015)New phosphorus research | What's New With Poo (May 2015)Benefiting from cap and trade | Storms Farm digester wins award (April 2015)Wisconsin making inroads | Ohio's Senate Bill 1 (April 2015)VT farmers urged to spread carefully | Recycle sand in small herds? (April 2015)CA dairies receive funding | Oregon dairies seek expansion (March 2015)WSDA manure bill slips away | Arizona methane power (March 2015)CA dairies receive funding | Oregon dairies seek expansion (February 2015)2015 Midwest Manure Summit | Environmental training for CAFOs (February 2015)Judge allows suit over manure | Get the scoop on poultry litter use (January 2015)Court says manure pollutant | Nutrients with staying power (January 2015)New biodigester at dairy farm | Workshop addresses CAFO concerns (December 2014)Art of composting | Reducing tax credit to digesters (November 2014)Mortality composting workshop | WI dairy can expand (November 2014)Meeting Indiana digester | California digester research (October 2014)Enviro groups petition EPA | EPA awards grants (October 2014)Dairy slurry on alfalfa | Cows in diapers? (October 2014)Fall manure application | Waste to watts (October 2014)Iowa fish kills | Manure application and PEDv (September 2014)USPOULTRY releases videos highlighting farm stewardship | Manure spill in IA traced to Jasper County hog facility (September 2014)Measuring manure in age of PEDv | Manure happens (August 2014)Manure applicators focus on biosecurity | Side-dressing manure (August 2014)Beef pollutes more than pork | Poultry litter applicator (July 2014)EPA water proposal | Manure Science Review (July 2014)Fertilizer value of manure | The search for PEDv answers (June 2014)Hog expansion debate | NAQSA tool (June 2014)Farm manure partnership | National ag waste conference (May 2014)World Pork seminars | million fight (May 2014)Biosecurity PEDV | Ontario hog farms fined (April 2014)Recipe for electricity | Shut down CAFOs with repeat violations (April 2014)Mobile manure management | Planning for poop (April 2014)AgSTAR workshop | Beef feedlot manure field day (March 2014)Carbon Credit Solutions | EU decision poultry manure (March 2014)Action Required: Confirm your digital subscription with Manure Manager today (March 2014)Arid anaerobics | Permit for manure research (February 2014)Dealing with a manure spill | Request for manure technologies (February 2014)Second manure spill in WI | Nutrient management conference (January 2014)Ribbon cutting | Biogas challenges (January 2014)Large biogas project | WI manure spill (December 2013)AgSTAR website redesign | Controlling feedlot runoff (November 2013)Boplastics from manure | Free Super Bowl ad (November 2013)Georgia manure rules | Community manure pit (October 2013)MRSA and manure | Michigan manure spill (October 2013)Fish kills more likely | GHG cut (October 2013)CAFO agreement in Iowa | 2013 Environmental Stewards (September 2013)Ohio egg farm battle | Iowa manure release (September 2013)Manure Expo stirs up Canada | NY manure fight (August 2013)Tasch Custom | For all your manure handling requirements (August 2013)Waste to resource field day | Phosphorous tool (July 2013)New tech highlighted in Madison Science Review | Manure issues for Wisconsin farmers (July 2013)Grower fighting manure digester | Manure Science Review (June 2013)Dairy's carbon footprint | Hog farm turned down (June 2013)Farming by the inch | Poultry pollution overestimated (May 2013)Road stress | Pump school (May 2013)Lawsuit continues against EPA | What's your manure IQ? (May 2013)Million-gallon manure spill | Manure spraying (April 2013)Mink farm fined | Snowmelt a challenge (April 2013)Biogas forum | Iowa bill loopholes (March 2013)EPA, dairies reach agreement | From manure to biogas (March 2013)Smartphone manure apps | Chinese pig manure (February 2013)Biogas conference | MI manure spill (February 2013)Fashionable fertilizer | Manure Forum (January 2013)Manure boat rescues farm | EPA resignation (January 2013)Manure applicator training | Manure powers milk trucks (December 2012)Compost barn workshop | Feedyard emission study (November 2012)Pig smell raises blood pressure | DeLaval wins award (November 2012)Lagoon treatment study | New manure separator (October 2012)Manure replace coal? | Tempers flare in Iowa (October 2012)Manure soil nutrients valuable | Ontario barn explosion (October 2012)Manure storage fact sheet | Manure and jealousy don't mix (September 2012)Water quality workshops | Interpreting manure tests (September 2012)Vermont Cow Power film | California poultry manure (August 2012)Manure asphalt | Methane kills dog (August 2012)Vermont biomass facility | Manure Science Review (July 2012)IN CAFO rules | EPA CAFO meeting (June 2012)Stolen tractor in manure | New dairy event (June 2012)WI hosts 2012 North American Manure Expo | Spreading the easy way Down Under (May 2012)Equipment Marketers and Appraisers Auction May 31 (May 2012)On-farm biogas power project opens in NY | New bacterium found in manure (May 2012)EPA notifies WV farms to obtain permits | WI farmers to protest weight-limit enforcement (December 2011)EPA notifies WV farms to obtain permits | WI farmers to protest weight-limit enforcement (December 2011)subject to come (November 2011)

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