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Options for managing winter manureMarch 14, 2018IL manure hauler updates | MI manure hauler certificationFebruary 28, 2018Managing manure storage | Fix emissions reportingFebruary 14, 2018Manure limitations in eastern WI | Learn about IA’s eMMPJanuary 31, 2018No more IA livestock confinements? | Land application trainingJanuary 17, 2018Manure hose malfunction | $20 million for water qualityJanuary 3, 2018Iowa report now available | Manure initiative winding downDecember 20, 2017Uncertain methane emissions | Manure spreader market boostDecember 6, 2017Tech keeps cows comfortable | Hydrogen sulfide trainingNovember 22, 2017Reporting air emissions | Manure storage safetyNovember 8, 2017Fall manure tips | WI lawsuit settledOctober 25, 2017IA feedlot concerns | WI karst rule changesOctober 11, 2017IA uses satellites to find farms | Dairy case goes to Supreme CourtSeptember 27, 2017The future – Technology leading the waySeptember 22, 2017The future – Challenges and opportunitiesSeptember 21, 2017The present – The state of the industrySeptember 20, 2017The past - Heritage farms part IISeptember 19, 2017A celebration of agriculture and Canada’s 150thSeptember 18, 2017Reducing nutrient runoff| New open-source manure softwareSeptember 13, 2017The potential of Biochar | IA NRCS UpdateAugust 30, 2017Manure Expo coming soon | Better ways to spreadAugust 16, 2017Dry weather and feedlot runoff | Electric truck powered by manureAugust 2, 2017New sidedress method | Manure Science ReviewJuly 19, 2017EPA proposes repealing ‘WOTUS’ | Environmental Farm Plan SummitJuly 5, 2017Is a digester right for your farm? | Tax credits for farmersJune 21, 2017Success stories: how four farm families are dealing with the transition of ownershipJune 16, 2017Next generation owners: thinking ahead for successionJune 15, 2017Expert advice: managing the moving parts of succession planningJune 14, 2017Legal considerations for succession | Tax and finance adviceJune 13, 2017Welcome to Ag Succession Week! A new resource for your family farmJune 12, 2017The benefits of gypsum | Dribble bar updateJune 7, 2017Ranging further with fracs | Upcoming manure safety courseMay 24, 2017Best time to spread manure | Upcoming AD webinarMay 10, 2017DFA, Vanguard alliance | Leopold Center to close?April 26, 2017Push for Cow Power | Safety firstApril 12, 2017WI regulation changes | New manure appMarch 29, 2017WA asked to fund tech | Poultry manure outweighs hog in NCMarch 15, 2017Plan to spread? Look ahead | Minimum age for haulingMarch 1, 2017Spreading alarms WI residents | Winter spreading in OHFebruary 15, 2017IA cost-sharing program | Verify calibration, distributionFebruary 1, 20172017 Midwest Manure Summit | Nutrient management calendarsJanuary 18, 2017CAFO updates in WI | Manure manipulationJanuary 4, 2017Net Zero Energy and retrofits | Ontario Concrete AwardsDecember 7, 2016Apply AD technology | Manure impact on roadsNovember 24, 2016Mobile phosphorous recovery | IN manure management workshopNovember 9, 2016Manure injection advantages | WI expanding digester fundingOctober 26, 2016Tale of two manure spills | Pricing beef manureOctober 12, 2016WI DNR to fund manure reg | Halt large IA livestock farmsSeptember 28, 2016WI nitrogen efficiency study | MD chicken manure powerSeptember 14, 2016Cornell Extension manure workshop | Avoid manure pit fumesAugust 31, 2016VT dairy spins manure | California's cow policeAugust 17, 2016SD CAFO training | OH farmers protect waterJuly 6, 2016Call for limit on manure spreading | NMPF endorses new legislationJune 22, 2016Online tool for manure storage | IA seeking CAFO rule inputJune 8, 2016Online tool for manure storage | IA seeking CAFO rule inputMay 25, 2016WI manure irrigation webinar | CO digester North America's largestMay 11, 2016John's disease a concern for beef | Ohio unveils demo farmsApril 27, 2016Manure seminars in PA | Manure Expo to receive awardApril 13, 2016

Manure Expo wins award | PEDv-killing disinfectants needed (March 2016)FDA seeks manure assistance | MD manure missing (March 2016)Hydrogen sulphide education | Poking pig manure in soil (March 2016)Hydrogen sulphide education | Poking pig manure in soil (February 2016)MD chicken farmers seek relief | Stewardship recognized (February 2016)Manure value depends on crop | IDA responds to producer needs (January 2016)NC county OKs incentives | WSU seeks retraction (January 2016)USDA supports IA livestock producers | Dairy ADs better investment (January 2016)Literature review requested | Producers share strategies (December 2015)Proposed WI manure legislation | Ohio loan program (December 2015)Zeolites filter showing results | Manitoba fertilizing ban back on (November 2015)VT releases draft water quality rules | FL dairy using manure power (November 2015)WI winter spreading rules could change | Research proposals wanted (October 2015)Marketing manure | Manure sharing program (September 2015)IA met manure spill guidelines | Energy from VT manure (September 2015) million to improve Lake Erie | Fighting manure in WA (September 2015)Interest rises in manure | Debate continues on compost barns (August 2015)ISU manure workshops | MI farm tour (August 2015)North American Manure Expo | CA funds five dairies (July 2015)New phosphorus research | What's New With Poo (July 2015) million to improve Lake Erie | Fighting manure in WA (June 2015)MD phosphorus tool | Clean Water Rule finalized (June 2015)Research IDs obstacles | Robinway Dairy receives environment award (May 2015)New phosphorus research | What's New With Poo (May 2015)Benefiting from cap and trade | Storms Farm digester wins award (April 2015)Wisconsin making inroads | Ohio's Senate Bill 1 (April 2015)VT farmers urged to spread carefully | Recycle sand in small herds? (April 2015)CA dairies receive funding | Oregon dairies seek expansion (March 2015)WSDA manure bill slips away | Arizona methane power (March 2015)CA dairies receive funding | Oregon dairies seek expansion (February 2015)2015 Midwest Manure Summit | Environmental training for CAFOs (February 2015)Judge allows suit over manure | Get the scoop on poultry litter use (January 2015)Court says manure pollutant | Nutrients with staying power (January 2015)New biodigester at dairy farm | Workshop addresses CAFO concerns (December 2014)Art of composting | Reducing tax credit to digesters (November 2014)Mortality composting workshop | WI dairy can expand (November 2014)Meeting Indiana digester | California digester research (October 2014)Enviro groups petition EPA | EPA awards grants (October 2014)Dairy slurry on alfalfa | Cows in diapers? (October 2014)Fall manure application | Waste to watts (October 2014)Iowa fish kills | Manure application and PEDv (September 2014)USPOULTRY releases videos highlighting farm stewardship | Manure spill in IA traced to Jasper County hog facility (September 2014)Measuring manure in age of PEDv | Manure happens (August 2014)Manure applicators focus on biosecurity | Side-dressing manure (August 2014)Beef pollutes more than pork | Poultry litter applicator (July 2014)EPA water proposal | Manure Science Review (July 2014)Fertilizer value of manure | The search for PEDv answers (June 2014)Hog expansion debate | NAQSA tool (June 2014)Farm manure partnership | National ag waste conference (May 2014)World Pork seminars | million fight (May 2014)Biosecurity PEDV | Ontario hog farms fined (April 2014)Recipe for electricity | Shut down CAFOs with repeat violations (April 2014)Mobile manure management | Planning for poop (April 2014)AgSTAR workshop | Beef feedlot manure field day (March 2014)Carbon Credit Solutions | EU decision poultry manure (March 2014)Action Required: Confirm your digital subscription with Manure Manager today (March 2014)Arid anaerobics | Permit for manure research (February 2014)Dealing with a manure spill | Request for manure technologies (February 2014)Second manure spill in WI | Nutrient management conference (January 2014)Ribbon cutting | Biogas challenges (January 2014)Large biogas project | WI manure spill (December 2013)AgSTAR website redesign | Controlling feedlot runoff (November 2013)Boplastics from manure | Free Super Bowl ad (November 2013)Georgia manure rules | Community manure pit (October 2013)MRSA and manure | Michigan manure spill (October 2013)Fish kills more likely | GHG cut (October 2013)CAFO agreement in Iowa | 2013 Environmental Stewards (September 2013)Ohio egg farm battle | Iowa manure release (September 2013)Manure Expo stirs up Canada | NY manure fight (August 2013)Tasch Custom | For all your manure handling requirements (August 2013)Waste to resource field day | Phosphorous tool (July 2013)New tech highlighted in Madison Science Review | Manure issues for Wisconsin farmers (July 2013)Grower fighting manure digester | Manure Science Review (June 2013)Dairy's carbon footprint | Hog farm turned down (June 2013)Farming by the inch | Poultry pollution overestimated (May 2013)Road stress | Pump school (May 2013)Lawsuit continues against EPA | What's your manure IQ? (May 2013)Million-gallon manure spill | Manure spraying (April 2013)Mink farm fined | Snowmelt a challenge (April 2013)Biogas forum | Iowa bill loopholes (March 2013)EPA, dairies reach agreement | From manure to biogas (March 2013)Smartphone manure apps | Chinese pig manure (February 2013)Biogas conference | MI manure spill (February 2013)Fashionable fertilizer | Manure Forum (January 2013)Manure boat rescues farm | EPA resignation (January 2013)Manure applicator training | Manure powers milk trucks (December 2012)Compost barn workshop | Feedyard emission study (November 2012)Pig smell raises blood pressure | DeLaval wins award (November 2012)Lagoon treatment study | New manure separator (October 2012)Manure replace coal? | Tempers flare in Iowa (October 2012)Manure soil nutrients valuable | Ontario barn explosion (October 2012)Manure storage fact sheet | Manure and jealousy don't mix (September 2012)Water quality workshops | Interpreting manure tests (September 2012)Vermont Cow Power film | California poultry manure (August 2012)Manure asphalt | Methane kills dog (August 2012)Vermont biomass facility | Manure Science Review (July 2012)IN CAFO rules | EPA CAFO meeting (June 2012)Stolen tractor in manure | New dairy event (June 2012)WI hosts 2012 North American Manure Expo | Spreading the easy way Down Under (May 2012)Equipment Marketers and Appraisers Auction May 31 (May 2012)On-farm biogas power project opens in NY | New bacterium found in manure (May 2012)EPA notifies WV farms to obtain permits | WI farmers to protest weight-limit enforcement (December 2011)EPA notifies WV farms to obtain permits | WI farmers to protest weight-limit enforcement (December 2011)subject to come (November 2011)

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